Sunday, September 28, 2014

Guess it didn't work

Tweet (Jack Hunter):
"The same people who said we "fight them over there" so we don't "have to fight them here" now say they're coming here. Guess it didn't work."
"Business as Usual in Ukraine: Revisionist History Manifested in Government Entitlements"  The neo-Nazi pension trial balloon.  I'm not sure where they will find the money.

"Ukraine Can't Hide Putin's Victory"  All Putin had to do is follow Barry's maxim, "don't do stupid shit" - sadly, a maxim Barry himself is no longer able to follow thanks to the sweet, sweet promise of post-Presidential Jewish Billionaire money - and the Russian victory was guaranteed.

"Mule Of The Jews"  Apropos, but the term applies to ISIS too.

"Bill Black: The New York Times Claims Opposing EU Austerity Leads to Anti-Semitism"  As you may have noticed, everything leads to anti-Semitism.

"US court issues summons against Modi"  Lawfare isn't supposed to be used against a big Israeli ally/fellow group supremacist/ultra-violent Islamophobe.

"Ferguson is our “libertarian moment,” but not in the way some libertarians want you to believe" by Mark Ames.  Who knew you could fund a government on jay-walking fines given to young black males?  It goes a long way to explain the seemingly odd behavior of people accosted by the police, who act the way they do because, in their extreme poverty, they simply can't afford the fine burden. Add Poole to the list of great villains in American history.

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