Monday, September 08, 2014

Happy Aluminum Tube Day!

Tweet (emptywheel):
"Speaking of Drum-Up-War week, today is Aluminum Tube day. "
Michael R. Gordon, still in the warmongering business:  "Destroying ISIS May Take Years, U.S. Officials Say"

"“Civility” is the Israel lobby’s new weapon against free speech on US campuses"  "Chancellor Wise contra Trustee Kennedy" ("You were not brief enough").  "U.C. Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks Gets Free Speech Very Wrong"  World Jewry shouldn't have rolled the campaign out simultaneously across many campuses, as it betrayed the Zionist-protecting, organized nature of it, and revealed what absolute evil power they have over universities.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Bruce Levenson forced to sell Hawks over racist email But he remains a top Birthright Israel & JFeds donor"
Tweet (Brendan Bacon):
" The Arabs, Hebrews, Assyrians, Arameans and others are Semites and majority of todays jews are not even Semites."
Amnesty dabbles in satellite photo analysis.  The need to suck up to neocons outweighs the need not to appear like warmongering fools.  Similar WTF news:  "Dalai Lama attacks 'self-centred' Vladimir Putin"

"Al Jazeera Pulls Story Suggesting ISIS Videos Of Foley, Sotloff Were Fake"  Sotloff, at least, is most certainly an Israeli agent.

"Book Review: 'When Google Met Wikileaks'"

"Three Things To Keep In Mind About The Big Jack The Ripper 'Reveal'"

Tweet (Joe Catron):
"According to the logic of Zionism, non-Jews can be ethnically cleansed if they evacuate their homes (1948) and killed if they don't (2014)."
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