Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Peter Lee:
"The devolution of President Obama's foreign policy in his second term into what I characterize to be moronic, reactive, middle finger hugger-mugger from China to Ukraine to Gaza to the Middle East has not, I believe, received the attention it deserves from America's army of plugged-in Washington journos. Instead of "not doing stupid sh*t" and pivoting away from the Middle Eastern morass to Asia, the US is back in the thick of it, stirring the sh*t in a manner clumsy and shortsighted enough to put America's friends as well as adversaries on notice that having the US apply its foreign policy expertise to their region is not necessarily an unalloyed good. "
"Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, and Israel" The concentration camp guard gloating that the Jews own everybody.

"Member of Cuba 5 Says He's Optimistic About Deal"  Note how it all turns on getting Gross out of Cuba.

From Crazy Days and Nights (the answer is generally thought to be Mark Ruffalo):
"This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is good looking and can do everything from comedy to drama is also an Academy Award winner/nominee. While in Toronto he had personal police protection and a security detail provided by the studio because the actor has received numerous death threats because of things he has said regarding the conflict in the Middle East."
"Pammy and a secret date with Assange"
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