Friday, September 12, 2014

Neocon twofer

"Stop the Vultures"

Tweet (Matt Apuzzo):
"Two days ago, officials testified ISIS had 10k members. After the speech, that figure tripled."
"Neocons Revive Syria ‘Regime Change’ Plan" (Parry). It is a neocon twofer, finishing the Yinon break-up of Iraq, and replacing Assad to cut the supply lines from Iran to Hezbollah allowing Israel to finish the job of stealing south Lebanon and its water.

Tweet (Christopher Preble):
"This might be one of the best NYT corrections I've ever seen."
"Not Fighting ISIS Could Be Worse Than Fighting It" Note that Frum's job is to prove that 'the Jews' aren't behind this.

"The Stampede Towards War On ISIS"  Barry's legacy, which should rank him in the bottom 5% of American Presidents, is a war which will easily cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars, money they won't simply be able to print as they will have lost world reserve currency status (in large part thanks to Victoria Nuland and her Ukrainian War For The Jews!).  It is not that previous Wars For The Jews haven't cost Americans dearly (they are why Americans can no longer have nice things), but this one is really going to sting.

"Russia-Iran Oil-for-Goods Contracts"  It seem that every few days Putin announces some enormous, positive, forward-looking initiative, while the Americans and Europeans announce how they are going to implement their latest instructions from World Jewry.

"All Ashkenazi Jews Alive Today Descend From The 350 Jews Who Lived Approximately 800 Years Ago, Study Finds"  Read the comments.  Supremacism obsesses about the importance of the purity of the group, something which should cause a crisis when the pure Jews realize that almost all their leaders are impure outsiders.
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