Thursday, September 04, 2014

Nothing happening

Tweet (Layan.Baker):
"What Israel has done in the last 2 days: 11- Shot and arrested 2 fishermen in sea"
The protests will wind down, just as World Jewry knew they would.  SodaStream will buff up its reputation.  Bibi my even magnanimously agree to yield to international whining and return his latest big land theft until he steals it again in six months.

Meanwhile, Israel won't even show up to the peace negotiations.  Therefore, no port, no airport.  Reconstruction materials are almost completely choked off, so rebuilding Gaza is impossible (especially as all the materials have to come from Jewish profiteers).  The border with Egypt remains effectively closed.  Gaza is in the state it was in before the slaughter, with all the additional problems caused by the attack, and the Israelis are completely intransigent, and have full control of all international leaders who might have influence over them.

Are you yet starting to see the kind of pressure that is going to be required to fix this?  Hint - it needs to be a lot more intense and focused than what we have been seeing.
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