Thursday, September 18, 2014

Par l'argent

Tweet (GeorgeGFriends):
"Allegations of electoral fraud in Glasgow. Ballot papers being taken away by police after reports of double voting on at least 10 occasions"
The electoral fraud in the Quebec referendum, fraud which made the result so close, much closer than polls had indicated, was to take results in heavily anglophone areas where the 'no' vote was very high, and count 'no' votes as 'yes' votes!  Unfortunately for the separatists, they didn't do quite enough cheating, which has made them bitter to this day.

"Par l'argent puis des votes ethniques".  In the context of the history of Quebec nationalist politics, 'l'argent' is almost certainly an anti-Semitic reference.

If 'no' wins in Scotland, George Galloway can take a lot of credit for the result.
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