Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The last word

"Shanghai Gold Exchange Said to Plan FTZ Contract for Sept" (my emphasis in red):
"The gold contract will be priced and settled in yuan and the infrastructure is in place for trading to start in the third quarter, Xu said in June. The zone will have a vault capable of holding 1,500 metric tons of gold, which can either be imported into China or be in transit to other markets, Xu said."

"Bank of Canada Holds Swiss, Dutch, Swedish Gold As Swiss Repatriation Referendum Looms"

"Germans give up on getting back their gold held in US" The Germans asked for it back, the Americans said no, so the Germans announced they really didn't want it back anyway!

"If Liberal Zionism Were Dead, What Actions Would That Imply?"  The lite Zionist trick is the same delaying-while-stealing trick employed by hard-core Zionists.

"Iraq Has WMDs and Russia Has Invaded"  Since no one has been held accountable for any of the previous whoppers, they just keep coming.

"Ukraine: the Ugly Truth"

"Reading the Salaita Papers" by Corey Robin.  Scroll down to the last word of the update to get your answer.
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