Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Big bucks on the speaker circuit

From a comment by Krauss at Mondoweiss to a Weiss posting on the latest 'spat' (my emphasis in red):
"By the way, I’m surprised that people haven’t pointed out the obvious: midterm elections. Obama can’t go hard on Bibi because he needs the donors. The democrats could easily lose the senate, which Netanyahu is aware of, and Obama needs every last dollar to his candidates. If Obama spends the next two years with BOTH the house and the senate in GOP hands, he is in effect a lame duck president extraordinaire.
It’ll be interesting to see how Obama acts after the midterms, and if the dems keep the senate(which is certainly possible, perhaps even probable, right now). He’s scott-free of elections ahead of him and that would theoretically be the time to turn the screws on Bibi.
I doubt he’ll go so hard, though, Obama surely keeps an eye on his post-presidential career. He can’t alienate the establishment if he wants to earn the big bucks on the speaker circuit, like Clinton has done."
That's about as close to truth as you'll see in a respectable website if by 'establishment' you mean 'Jewish billionaires'.  It is hilarious that the future of the American people depends so much on 'big bucks on the speaker circuit'.
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