Monday, October 20, 2014


"Why You Can Hardly Believe a Word of What You Read About ISIS" by William Blum

"Who will win in Kobane (`Ayn Al-`Arab)?"

Washington establishment journalists have never recovered from the embarrassment caused to them by the investigative reporting of Gary Webb, reporting which revealed the deep corruption and incompetence of Washington-based 'journalism'.  "Gary Webb was no journalism hero, despite what ‘Kill the Messenger’ says"  "The Washington Post Needs a Bus – and to Throw Jeff Leen Under It"  "WPost’s Slimy Assault on Gary Webb"

The king is dying, and sometimes it is safer to censor yourself rather than wait for the government to do it for you:  "Blog on hiatus" 

"3 horrific inaccuracies in Homeland's depiction of Islamabad"  "‘Homeland’ is the most bigoted show on television"

"David Brooks: Gaza war proved my son was right to serve in IDF" Time to circle the wagons and instruct us on what a wonderful columnist he really is.

"Soviet Spy David Greenglass Dies: How Jewish Communists Betrayed America’s Nuclear Secrets" 

"Graffiti Artist Banksy Arrested In London; Identity Revealed"  "Hoax 'Banksy Arrested in London' Story Dupes the Internet Again"
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