Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jail for tweet

"'Anti-Petrodollar' CEO Of French Energy Giant Total Dies In Freak Plane Crash In Moscow"

"Germany’s Merkel Agrees with ‘Angry’ Slovak Leader that Ukraine Bums EU to Pay for Russian Gas"  Putin ends up with exactly what he asked for, and the Europeans will pay the bill, taking whatever is left of Ukraine as collateral.

"Documents Show US Siding With Israel in Death of Its Own Citizen"  Considerable efforts on multiple fronts.

"U.S. denies claim FBI withheld info on missing Israeli soldier in Gaza war"  Again, and completely contrary to Emerson's claims, the Americans bent over backward to comply with the demands of their masters.

"German intelligence report on MH17"  Whoever did it it wasn't the Russians, so why are the sanctions - sanctions based on the completely unsubstantiated assertion that the Russians were involved - still in place?

"'Unmasked': Merseysider jailed for anti-semitic tweet to Luciana Berger shows a 'dark side'"  Scroll down towards the end for the horrible tweet that merits jail (admittedly, not much jail).

Rare good news:  "Bolivia’s Evo Morales re-elected, but important challenges lie ahead"
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