Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Tweet (Carlos Latuff):
"1,768 airstrikes in , , but continues advancing towards . What US is attacking anyway??!!"
""The Siege Of Kobani: Obama's Syrian Fiasco In Motion"

""U.S. strikes in Kobane fail to stave off militants, face limitations" Al Bawaba"

"IS attack on Kurdish town"

"Watch: Moments ago I asked State Dept spokesperson @statedeptspox Psaki on why little has been done to save ‪#‎Kobane‬."

Saving Kobane would have been excellent PR for the Americans, so the failure to save it seems to be a demonstration that air strikes alone are useless and 'boots on the ground' are necessary (necessary, needless to say, for the sole goals of the wider operation, the purely Jewish goals of Yinonizing Iraq and removing Assad).

Despite what Biden said, the Americans remain extremely deferential to Turkish fears that the mismanagement of the issues stirred up by ISIL will lead to the creation of Greater Kurdistan.  Turkey thus gets to call the shots in managing issues relating to Kurds.
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