Thursday, October 30, 2014

Muataz Hijazi

The fear was that Glick was shot in some kind of intra-settler dispute, so Bibi was told to find a Palestinian patsy and execute him so any investigation would die with him and Palestinian 'terrorists' would be to blame.

Tweet (OccPal-Gaza):
"According to the sister of the man extrajudicially assassinated today, Muataz Ibrahim Hijazi, Occupation left him bleeding for TWO hours."

It seems abundantly clear with all the many provocations from the settlers and JSIL - in the West Bank, at the al-Aqsa mount, and in East Jerusalem - that the strategic goal of the Jewish state and the settlers who control it is to start a new intifada and use the repression against it for some kind of mass ethnic cleansing.

Addedtweet (Dan Cohen):
"According to witnesses, this is the "weapon" Hijazi had."
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