Friday, October 17, 2014


And just like that - poof! - ISIS is gone from Kobane.

"The War Nerd: Nobody could have predicted Islamic State’s retreat from Kobane (except me)":
 ". . . the US was waiting eagerly for the town to fall. There were all sorts of reasons for this, and none make any real sense. The two biggest are: (a) The hick Islamists running Turkey tilt toward IS and hate Kurds, all Kurds, with the same insane virulence that Turks hate all their neighbors, and especially any minority that dares to identify itself as non-Turkish; (b) The YPG militia defending Kobane is linked to the PKK movement, which is nominally “Socialist,” and American apparatchiks, no matter who’s officially in charge, have never un-learned the anti-Commie nonsense they learned at Georgetown; and (c) The “brave, doomed defenders of Kobane” were worth much more dead than alive, much more in defeat than in victory. If they lost, they’d be beheaded by the vicious loons in IS, and those severed-head videos would be great US agitprop, a great little way to put more pressure on Turkey over the theatre the US really cares about—Iraq."

ISIS appears never to have won a real battle.  They only 'win' when they are able to pre-negotiate the terms of a take-over of territory with local Sunni leaders who are friendly to them.

Ban, the comedian:  tweet (Dr.Bassel AbuWarda):
"Ban visited the family of the only Israeli child killed in the last war what about the families of the 600 Gazan Kids?"
"Israeli analyst confirms link between Israel, “moderate” Syrian rebels":
"Commentators have questioned why Al-Nusra front or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have not targeted Israel in their attacks.
ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who leads the militant group’s self-proclaimed caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria, spoke in July about the terror inflicted on Palestine, but he did so only in passing, in the wider context of the terror Muslims face around the world.
In June, ISIS responded to questions about why it wasn’t fighting Israel instead of killing people in Iraq and Syria.
“We haven’t given orders to kill the Israelis and the Jews,” the organization said on Twitter. “The war against the nearer enemy, those who rebel against the faith, is more important. Allah commands us in the Qur’an to fight the hypocrites, because they are much more dangerous than those who are fundamentally heretics.”"
"Joe Biden's son Hunter thrown out of navy over cocaine"  He's 'moving forward'.  I wonder how business is going in Ukraine.

Tweet (Karl Sharro) (on the simply s-p-e-c-t-a-c-u-l-a-r-l-y Islamophobic Israeli-produced American television show, pure Jewish supremacist warmongering propaganda):
"I'm making the Arab version of 'Homeland'. The US scenes will be filmed in Iceland and we will get Australians to play the American roles."
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