Wednesday, October 22, 2014


There has been a shooting in the Canadian Parliament buildings.

Added:  also at the War Memorial diagonally across the street from the Parliament Buildings (as if the shooter went from the War Memorial to the Parliament Buildings).

Addedtweet (Peggy Nash, MP):
"Very frightening here in ctr block. So many shots. I'm safe but not sure what's happening."
Tweet (Jordan Press):
"Hill witness tells me he saw a man pull up in a car by War Memorial on Elgin Street, open fire w/ long rifle. "

This reporting by Twitter of a crime as it continues is kind of exciting.

Addedtweet (Seb FoxAllen):
"Oh no. RT : Here is a photo from our office window of situation at war memorial. "
Added: tweet (Tony Clement):
"Shots fired during caucus meeting. at least 30 shots. MPs piled out. I'm safe with 2 colleagues but we're still at risk..."
Added: tweet (Elizabeth May MP):
"Reports that shooter has been shot inside Centre Block. Multiple shots inside Centre Block. "
Added: YouTube: "Footage from Globe reporter captures exchange of gun fire in Parliament Hill building"
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