Sunday, October 19, 2014

Some things require a lot of lying

"'Fortress Israel' (Part One) By Richard Sale"  Lavon, etc.

"Did Israel develop the doctrine behind Iraq invasion?"  Part of World Jewry's big project to destroy international law as international law is incompatible with a violent racist supremacist state.

"How the Israeli media covers massacres: Lessons from 1953"  Pattern of lies established early.  Of course, what the Jews as a violent racist group collective were and are doing is so horrible that they needed to develop a lying pattern - not to mention take full control of the mainstream media - in order to have any chance of getting away with it.  Note how obscure or unheard of most of their massacres and genocide still are.

"Pro-Israel Think Tanks ‘Proselytize’ Among Muslim-American, Christian Leaders"

"No Surprise Dep’t: David Brooks’s son is in Israeli army"  This is the most blatant example of conflict of interest I've ever seen.  His writings suggest and encourage American policy in the Middle East, policy that would have a direct impact on the life of his son, and the fact it is considered an outrage that he might be obligated to disclose the conflict is very telling.  He obviously should be fired.  There is no chance of that happening.

"Are "blacks treated like dogs" in Israel?"

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