Saturday, October 18, 2014


WikiLeaks continues its invaluable work:  "Updated Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - IP Chapter (second publication)"

Commentary on how bad it is:
  1. "New leak of TPP consolidated text on intellectual property provides details of pandering to drug companies and publishers"
  2. "The Leaked TPP: Some notes, and Criminal Copyright"
  3. "Latest Intellectual Property Chapter Of TPP Agreement Leaked: Would Be A Disaster For Public Health"
  4. "Leaked TPP IP Chapter Would Lead To Much Greater Online Surveillance... Because Hollywood Still Hates The Internet"
  5. "TPP Leak Confirms Measures To Criminalize Corporate Whistleblowing"
  6. "Latest TPP Leak Shows US Still Pushing Terrible DRM and Copyright Term Proposals—and New Threats Arise"
  7. "Cyber-Espionage and Trade Agreements: An Ill-Fitting and Dangerous Combination"
  8. "Leaked TPP Chapter Exposes Sweet Deals for Big Pharma and US Bully Tactics"
  9. "Leaked TPP Draft Reveals Extreme Rights Holder Position Of US, Japan, Outraged Observers Say"
  10. "Leaked TPP Draft Reveals Tough Anti-Piracy Measures"
  11. Even the crazies at Forbes think it is unbalanced:  "Secrecy-Shrouded TPP Leaks Alarm Internet Freedom Advocates"
It is interesting that it pretty much comes down to strikingly immoral grasping by 'Hollywood' (code word!) and the pharmaceutical-industrial complex.
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