Monday, November 10, 2014


Tweet (Andy Carvin):
"Not cool of to use Reuters pic of Muslim women watching an eclipse and suggesting they're ISIS fan girls"
The Atlantic apologized and claim it is a 'mistake'. Ha ha ha!  The new photo looks photoshopped.

Related to the general Atlantic problem:  "A Troubling Letter to an Unbending Ayatollah"

"Ukraine Split in Two; Expect Major Rebel Advance"  It is funny how the Ukrainian government has taken every step possible to ensure it loses eastern Ukraine.

"Legacy Time"  What are the chances of any of this happening?

Tweet (Eric Alterman):
"More on the German Left refusing to host lunatic anti-Semite, Max Blumenthal "
Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
". decided 's promotion of far-rightist painting me as anti-Semite "did not meet...standards""
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