Sunday, November 02, 2014


Lunacy:  "Iran poised to choose poverty over nuclear disarmament"  Corrective:  "Covering Iran in the US press".

Lunacy:  "Intercept and transparancy" ('Angry' is so confused about whose side Greenwald is really on that he calls him 'Comrade Greenwald'!).  Corrective:  "Slugfest Over Taibbi Exodus From First Look Fails to Address Editorial Meddling Doubts".  Alsotweet (WikiLeaks):
"How Obama-linked billionaire bogged down Snowden reporting at the critical moment: See: "

Lunacy (there are innumerable examples in the American mainstream media):  "Putin's Reaction To Sanctions Is Destroying The Economy And China Won't Help"  Corrective:  "Michael Hudson: Europe to Pay for the Whole Mess in Ukraine".

It is not in the least surprising that complete nonsense informs most of the political choices that are made.
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