Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A history of bad men

"Why the Bad Guys Keep Winning"

"Rabbis plan to build temple on Al-Aqsa ruins"

"NY Times says a Palestinian majority would ‘endanger Israel’s democratic ideals’"  One person, one vote has always been considered to be anti-democratic.

"Former Palestinian negotiator joins Washington think-tank"  He can move from one side to the other without having to change any of his positions!

"Can Liberal Zionists Count On Hillary Clinton?"  If American politics was operating properly, this article would look very bizarre.

"Conrad Black: The Saudis believe the West is about to give in to Iranian demands. Crashing the price of oil is how it fights back"  I'm still convinced this is fundamentally an attack on the United States, but of course such an attack on The Empire is unspeakable, as it is a symptom of weakness.  Note that the obvious long-run implications of low oil prices is a strengthening of the Anti-Empire Alliance.

"If energy prices remain near current levels, Canada's economy is in trouble"  "Falling Oil Prices Could Rock Canada's Politics: Expert"  The end of Canada's filthy oil business would be nothing short of wonderful.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Full list of all the confirmed and alleged anti-US attacks triggered by release of the torture report "

But here's another short list:  Snowden Tally

Tweet (Anonymous):
"Don't let police union donut brigade PR stooges fool you. Police deaths are at a 50-year low. "

"Russia, China mock divide and rule"  Some rather aggressive suggestions from Pepe Escobar.  The Eurotrash bureaucrats need to be scared into doing the right thing and abandoning the dying American Empire. 

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