Sunday, December 07, 2014

Being a thug

It is amusing that the mass resignations from the masthead at The New Republic - 'the distinguished liberal institution', seriously? - were intended to create a sense of outrage at the removal of two neocon assholes, yet led to a mass singing of "Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead" amongst the observers of American 'journalism'. Also, reminiscences of Marty Peretz, with no idea that the mysterious collapse of this 'liberal' magazine over the past few decades might just have something to do with it having been owned by a racist Jewish group supremacist warmonger.

"War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda" It is the consistency and ubiquity of lying in the media which is remarkable.

"The Worst Industrial Disaster in the History of the World" by Siddhartha Deb.  Very well written.

"No climate-change deniers to be found in the reinsurance business"  The people whose job it is to know the facts - to avoid bankruptcy - have no doubts.

""Turk Stream": Huge Win for Turkey - Big Win For Russia - Historic Loss for EU"  And Turkey, with its thwarted goal of joining Europe, and a massive economy, leaves the Anglo-American-Zionist block to join the China-Russia-rest-of-the-world block.

"Putin expresses hope for permanent Ukraine ceasefire" Hollande of all people?  Hundreds of millions of people in Europe and they send the most hated guy in Russia (and France)?  This is really weird.

"A Reckless U.S. Rescue Attempt Kills Nearly Free Hostage"  If you assume the goal is to rescue a hostage surrounded by armed men, this kind of operation has a very low chance of success.  The outcome is almost always corpses.  So we have to assume there was another goal. 

Barking dog.  How could they possibly have known that the 'terrorists' would have access to high-tech equipment like guard dogs?

"In Light of Eric Garner".  Big picture:
"The system is doing what it is meant to do.  It teaches compliance, it teaches hopelessness and it identifies those who will not obey laws that don’t make sense (marijuana possession, for example), or who will fight or organize against the system and then it destroys them economically and often psychologically through practices like solitary confinement and prison rape.
The system will not change until those who want it to change have the raw power to force it to change, because it does serve the interests of its masters by destroying or marginalizing anyone who is actually a danger to oligarchical control of the system.
Race is an effective tool in this system, dividing the lower classes (and almost everyone is lower class now) against each other.  No matter how bad a poor white’s life is, well hey, he ain’t black.  He or she can feel superior to someone, can have someone to kick down at.
And understand this, most of what police are paid in is social coin: the right to demand immediate obedience and fuck people up; the solidarity of the blue line; the feeling of belonging and power, is what makes the job worth having for (probably most) of the people who are now attracted to it.
Being a thug; having social sanction to be a thug, is enjoyable to a lot of people. Since that’s what cops get to do, those are the sort of people who tend to be attracted to the job.  The police are the biggest toughest gang around, and belonging to them has most of the rewards of gang life, without the dangers of going to jail."

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