Tuesday, December 30, 2014

First we shoot your parents then we invite you to the zoo

"Banning Dissent in the Name of Civility" by Chris Hedges:
"The code word that the Israel lobby and its facilitators at universities use to silence critics is “civility.” Israel supporters are permitted to spout hate and calls for indiscriminate violence against Palestinians. Critics of Israel, however, even if they are careful to denounce violence and not to demonize Jews, are banned in the name of “civility.” It is the height of academic duplicity."

"Why does Washington always ignore the best advice?"  Truman made a horrible decision against the best advice due to bags of Jewish money, which is the exact same reason Barry makes bad decisions, and why the US Congress makes bizarrely bad decisions.  It is not complicated.  Everybody in Washington didn't suddenly lose 50 points of IQ.  All these bad decisions are paid for.  To be fair, some of the bad decisions are due to blackmail of the very weak, twisted and faulty people who are chosen to be politicians.

"Revealed: Gaza orphans Israel trip was government-backed PR stunt"  Quite a damning uncovering of a failed attempt at hasbara between an extremist right-wing Jew - described in a typical barefaced lie by the New York Times as a  'leftist activist' - and Palestinian collaborators.  Note how the New York Times is an integral part of the hasbara.  I wonder if anybody there worries that the paper thus loses all credibility on all issues.

Tweet (Robert Donahue):
"“: Hamas Turns Back 37 Gaza War Orphans From a Trip to Israel First we shoot your parents then we invite you to the zoo"

"Backlash in Berlin over NSA spying recedes as threat from Islamic State rises" Stop worrying about one set of American covert ops due to your fears about another American covert op?

Crazy Pierre has had his Intercept minions attack Pando for having the temerity to question the safety of Tor, recently revealed to have been funded by the Pentagon.  What could possibly go wrong? Tweet (Varshney Tech):
", Micah Lee & Clueless. nails it. exposing case of corruption."

"On the new Snowden documents"

"Palestinians will outnumber Israeli Jews in 2016 - report"  The CIA thinks that this has already happened.  "Here are all the times the Palestinians have predicted they’ll outnumber Jews in Israel-Palestine"  It is important because one-person, one-vote in the single state means that the Palestinians will eventually - when the children are of voting age - gain political control of the single state, and they can finally get around to changing the currency, flag, language and name of the new state of Palestine.

"The End of Modern Jewish History" by Harry Clark.  Devastating, including a deep dissection of the deceptions of Chomsky and other Jewish 'leftists' (to be fair, Noam appears to have also fooled himself due to his personal Jewish mythologies).
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