Monday, December 08, 2014

Pathological corruption

"Ukraine’s Made-in-USA Finance Minister" by Robert Parry.  She seems to be the perfect fit for a Ukrainian finance minister!

"Israel Bombs Syria … Again: Hits Agricultural Centers, Warehouses"  The start of Bibi's reelection campaign.  Related:  Bibi explains what - or who - was behind the mysterious collapse of the Iranian peace talks.

"Revealed thirty years on ... the secret role that America's Henry Kissinger played in the Bhopal tragedy"

"Yemen: Did U.S. Surveil Hostage Negotiators To Hit Hostage Takers?" The raid only makes sense if it was intended to free somebody who could not be ransomed, like a member of the US military.

"RJ Eskow & Jeffrey Sachs: Pathological Culture Of The Tribal Rich"  Just think how bad they must be if somebody as evil as Sachs calls them 'pathological'.  Of course, it is not a coincidence that these people run the world  - we've allowed them to build a system specifically set up so that sociopaths will rise to the top.

"The occupation of Mahoud Abbas' son is: "son of the president""
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