Thursday, January 22, 2015

Attempted Zionist coup in Argentina

World Jewry is pulling out all the stops on its attack on the rather excellent Kirchner government, but the attack is starting to look more and more like an attempted extreme right-wing - think of the era of the generals - coup fronted by lies from the Argentine intelligence service. Nisman may have been in on it - he was, after all, Jewish - or fooled by it (of course, it is also possible he killed himself when he realized at the last moment that he'd wasted ten years on an intelligence agency deception).

"Argentine Phone Calls Detail Efforts to Shield Iran" (my emphasis in red):
"The phone conversations are believed to have been intercepted by Argentine intelligence officials. If proved accurate, the transcripts would show a concerted effort by representatives of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s government to shift suspicions away from Iran in order to gain access to Iranian markets and to ease Argentina’s energy troubles."

Oddly enough, even on the worst interpretation it would appear that the Kirchner government was looking out for the interests of the people of Argentina rather than following the stupid Zionist plan of isolating Iran.

"Prosecutor’s Death a Test for Argentine Democracy"

"Argentina Prosecutor Alberto Nisman Was Found Dead In A Barely Locked Apartment"  Now 'barely locked' with "a narrow passage holding air conditioning equipment that connects to a neighboring apartment occupied by an unidentified foreigner."

Nisman looks quite corrupt himself in the US cables, tied to the intelligence agency, under pressure from the Jewish community, and personally trying to wrangle a judgeship out of his machinations.

It should be obvious to everyone how often the plans of World Jewry and the ultra right wing coincide.  There are still a lot of very bad people in Argentina who would be only too happy to see Kirchner replaced by the generals, or at least by a right-wing government.
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