Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blue eyes, suicide, left my ID in my ride

I'm working on the lyrics for the 'Ballad of Charlie Hebdo' . . .

They were very well trained and had the kind of equipment commandos might use.

They had excellent intelligence about the office schedule of, location of and access to Charlie Hebdo (though it appears they got slightly mixed up while in the building).

As usual, the alleged perps are supposed to have been driven by extremist religious motivations, while their personal behavior is spectacularly non-Muslim.

They had a driver, immediately identified by the French government as somebody who could not possibly have been there, and now the whole subject has been dropped.

The video of the alleged shooting of the police officer in the head is quite conclusive in demonstrating that the official story of the police officer dying from a head shot is a lie.  I don't know why they would lie about this, but they have.

I don't accept the 'blue eyes' conspiracy:  it is mumbly but I am sure she meant to say that the 'terrorist' was saying this to the woman he was threatening.  Just think how unlikely it would be for the woman on the video to take this opportunity to stress the beauty of the eyes of the 'terrorist'!

Of course, after carefully covering their faces they leave an ID in the car and a fingerprint on a Molotov cocktail.  Everybody remembers Atta's - some say al-Suqami's - marvellous passport.  The authorities always seem to have a list of patsies on which to pin these attacks, and the efforts by the patsies to escape become part of the evidence of their guilt.

They were carrying "a "jihadist flag" of the type used by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Islamic State", but no food!

"Police Commissioner Involved in Charlie Hebdo Investigation “Commits Suicide”. Total News Blackout"  You have to ask yourself whether he decided to commit suicide in the middle of the biggest investigation of his career, or whether he stumbled onto something which required that the French government execute him.  Which is more likely?

"French Terrorist Declares Loyalty to ISIS in Posthumous Video" The alleged co-conspirator, Amedy Coulibaly, who decided to kill some Jews on the way out (very helpful for Bibi and World Jewry's plans to scare the Jews out of France, and a curious coincidence with the brothers' first getaway car being abandoned in front of a kosher business), declares himself to be part of ISIS, while French authorities continue to insist on a connection to al-Qaeda in Yemen. Curiously,the only evidence that al Qaeda was involved came from The Intercept, and Scahill, who wrote the story, disparages it (my emphasis in red):
". . . I don’t want to discuss sources and methods. But I will say this about the source. I’ve spent a lot of time in Yemen, including in areas controlled by al-Qaeda, and I would never just print something that I received from a random person whose identity I couldn’t verify. Also, this isn’t a source that just popped out of thin air for this story. This is—this source of this information is someone that in the past has given me information about what al-Qaeda was going to say or the fact that al-Qaeda was holding particular hostages before it was made public, as a way of validating that they in fact are—do have access to the highest levels of debate and discussion within the leadership of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
But I should say, just by way of context, well-placed sources within AQAP saying this is not an official statement from the leadership of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. And before we go sort of all in and say, "Yeah, this is—this definitely was AQAP that directed this plot or financed this plot"—the normal way that AQAP would validate this would be to release statements and audio or video recordings through their official media channels. They have their own online television station. They have their own way of releasing things on discussion boards. Over the past year, they’ve started to shift more to Twitter in terms of announcing—making pronouncements or announcing actions that they’ve taken, hostages that they’ve taken, assaults or raids inside of Yemen that they’ve conducted."

 "Woman tied to Paris terror attacks fled to Turkey a week ago, official says"  She took the traditional route that jihadists take between ISIS and Europe, through Turkey to Syria under the auspices of the Turkish government. "Turkey says Boumeddiene crossed to Syria, insists not at fault":
"The statements confirm that Boumeddiene was already outside France when the three-day killing spree began, contrary to earlier speculation that she had been involved in the attacks which claimed 17 lives."
Note that she was a huge part of the original Official Story.
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