Monday, January 05, 2015

How to meet the Queen

I can't stress enough how important the Epstein lawsuit is to understanding Zionist politics.  It is the Rosetta Stone.  It is utterly dangerous for World Jewry as it combines the missing key to American deep politics with a titillation factor that will cause Americans to pay attention to it.  Note that the lawyers drafting the legal papers did not have to include the concept of blackmail in the pleadings.  That was added to force a generous settlement which would include non-disclosure agreements.  Americans cannot under any circumstances be permitted to find out why their country keeps bankrupting itself fighting Wars For The Jews!

"Alan Dershowitz says ‘anti-Israeli zealots are loving’ accusations against him"  Ha!

"Dershowitz Angrily Denies Sexual Assault Claim: ‘I Don’t Even Know Who She Is’"  Dersh just has to keep sputtering through this until the really rich guys pay the plaintiffs off.

"Prince Andrew allegations: 'Underage sex slave' Virginia Roberts met the Queen, claims her dad"  Note the Palace is no longer age-of-consent quibbling.

"Prince Andrew holed up in Royal Lodge as 'sex slave' nightmare deepens: Duke in hiding as he prepares to face Queen amid claims Virginia Roberts is planning tell-all book about their 'underage' trysts"  Tell-all book!
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