Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Imperial decline

"US v. Jeffrey Alexander Sterling"  The American media is treating this open trial as if it were a deep secret as it exposes so many levels of American wrongdoing/incompetence.  "Why the CIA Is So Eager to Demolish Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling" by Norman Solomon:
"“In the Sterling case, federal prosecutors seem to want to have it both ways,” McGovern observed. “They want to broaden the case to burnish the CIA’s reputation regarding its covert-op skills but then to narrow the case if defense attorneys try to show the jury the broader context in which the ‘Merlin’ disclosures were made in 2006 — how President George W. Bush’s administration was trying to build a case for war with Iran over its nuclear program much as it did over Iraq’s non-existent WMDs in 2002-2003.”"
"New Snowden Leak Reveals GCHQ Collected Emails Of Journalists At NYT, WaPo, Guardian, BBC And Elsewhere"  This would probably be more shocking if there was any possibility of there being anything interesting in the emails of the lapdog media.

"The US Military's Stunning Conspiracy Theory Emerges From The Archives: "ISIS Leader Does Not Exist""  It is better for them to walk this story back and pretend he never existed rather than face the truth that he is an American intelligence asset (though not a very dependable one).

"Saudi Arabia Will Reopen Embassy In Iraq After 25 Years"  "Saudi reset with Iran is unavoidable"  Yemen has just fallen into the Iranian orbit.

"The New York Times Sinks to a New Journalistic Low in its Reporting on Ukraine"  On the snipers.  American reporting on Ukraine is the most amazing ever, being exactly the opposite of the truth.

"Short of invading The Hague, not much US can do to thwart ICC probe of Israel"  "Is the ICC running against Netanyahu in Israeli elections?"  The whining is particularly funny as the ICC was set up to be an agent of Zionism and has spent almost all its existence harassing perceived enemies of World Jewry.

"#JeSuisCanadien ~~ OY CANADA"  Extremely anti-Semitic stamp accurately depicting Israelis approaching Canadians to tell them what to do.  Do you find it interesting that Israeli officials - who shoot Palestinians in the face for no reason at all - allowed Palestinians close enough to egg Baird's car?

"Trolling Russia" by Israel Shamir  Failing to worship at the Auschwitz altar covers a number of sins/hypocrisies.

"Revealed: pro-Israel students plot “smear campaigns” to “attack BDS”"  Were you to see BDS as a Zionist plot, the leak of this information wouldn't be so surprising.  For a group that runs the PR industry, Jews are remarkably ham-handed when it comes to BDS.

"Who Will Stand With Venezuela?"  China
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