Thursday, January 15, 2015

Je Suis White People

"Charlie Hebdo: “Je Suis White People”" by Margaret Kimberley

'Je suis Charlie Coulibaly' is the sin of miscegenation, the mixing of sufferings.

"Turkey as a suspect in the Paris shooting?"  Witness clean-up operation (?) in Belgium.

"Watch Your Language! (Even when speaking the undeniable truth)" by Stuart Littlewood

Speaking of language control:  "Is anti-Zionism really anti-Semitism?" by Joseph Massad.  The first mistake was allowing the Jews to create the intentionally misleading term 'anti-Semitism'.  All subsequent quibbling is trying to get the horse back in the barn.  They insist on their group supremacism and I insist that it is a form of bigotry to deny it to them.

"Russia Leaves the European Commissioner for Energy Union out in the Cold"  The Europeans are starting to pay in a huge way for their peculiar combination of cowardice and evil.

"Al Qaeda in Yemen Releases Video Claiming Responsibility for 'Charlie Hebdo' Attack"  You just can't comment on something in an off-hand way, and then a few days later expect to be able plausibly to take full responsibility for funding, planning and authorization.  See:  "AQAP vs ISIS: Who was really behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks?"

"Satire" and  "Those who aren't Charlie", both by Richard Seymour

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