Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kosher Koincidence

The Kosher Koincidence - two kosher businesses a big part of the story - is probably part of the efforts by World Jewry to scare French Jews into moving to Israel as part of dealing with Israel's 'demographic problem':  "As threats to Jews said to mount in Europe, Israeli minister gets “excited”" (pre-attack) and ""Charlie Hebdo: first they came for the cartoonists, then they came for the Jews" (post-attack).  It looks made to order as it probably was.

"Lawrence O’Donnell and Alan Dershowitz Explode over Whether ‘France Reaped What They Sowed’".  "Is There a Future for French Jewry?":  but there won't be an Israel to go to in 2025.

Huge efforts are being made to connect the attackers to al-Qaeda in Yemen and away from ISIS in Syria/Iraq, where they may have received their excellent training from western countries, including even France:  "Al Qaida in Yemen claims responsibility for bloody Paris terror attacks".  Note the extraordinary weak sourcing of the 'proof':  "Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen-based al Qaida affiliate that U.S. officials have declared the most dangerous terrorist outfit in the world, claimed credit for directing the carnage in a statement sent to a McClatchy reporter by an Islamist known to have links to the group."  If you continue to read, and ignore the misleading headline and first few paragraphs, things get interesting:
"But unlike the Kouachis, Coulibaly said he was part of the Islamic State, the Islamist group that has seized control of chunks of Iraq and Syria. The claim confused the role of international terrorist groups in the events: the Islamic State is a bitter rival of al Qaida, and AQAP has sided with al Qaida in the dispute."
"Do France’s Intellectuals Have a Muslim Problem?" This attack might also be a publicity stunt for Houellebecq's racist novel, promoted, of course, by the assholes at Charlie Hebdo.  Houellebecq plays the same role in France as Tom Wolfe used to play in the United States, reflecting the racist views of the American aristocracy by writing novels described as 'edgy' and 'satirical'. The ultimate goal is to get Le Pen elected President.

"Unmournable Bodies" The only recognized blasphemy is attacks on the only permitted religious beliefs:  militarism, Panopticon surveillance, American imperialism, colonialism, and Zionism.

Tweet (HashashinTag):
"Me:... And now a lot of people are cross with Muslims because the men with masks said they were Muslims. 6yo: Why did they wear masks then?"
Why did they wear masks?

The ultra-security state has to spin a lot to explain why they keep missing things:  "NSA chief: Paris-style attack 'makes life a lot harder'".  Of course, repeated failure at doing what is their sole justification for existing just necessitates more money and power:  tweet (Guy Herbert):
"Taken literally, a police state > " Osborne said: "Whatever the security services want, they will get." - ""
"Charlie Hebdo and Tsarnaev’s Trial: Cui bono?" by Paul Craig Roberts.  When you add up all the people who benefited from the attack, blaming Muslims, even radicalized Muslims, is positively bizarre.
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