Monday, January 12, 2015

Potemkin solidarity march

I often wonder whether they are laughing at us, or whether they actually believe their bullshit.

Tweet (Pete Morgan):
"Never in the history of humanity were so many dictators marching together for freedom #Hypocrisy #ParisMarch #CharlieHebdo @georgegalloway"
Tweet (muiz):
"Leader responsible for slaughter +2,000 trapped people over 52-days attends march of solidarity for murder of 8. Okay"
"Death threats to Haaretz journalists appear on right-winger’s Facebook page"

"Nous Sommes Hypocrites"  A cartoon based on the Wickham twitter list.

Tweet (Vijay Prashad):
"Saudi minister of foreign affairs, Nizar Obaid Madani, at Paris rally; KSA gives 1000 lashes to Saudi blogger ."
 Tweet (luluchops):
"Irony died the day Netanyahu walked at the front of the Unity and Peace rally in Paris. "
"Netanyahu Crops Abbas Out Of Paris Unity March Photo"  "Israel moves quickly to exploit Paris attacks"  "Four Jews killed in Paris to be buried in Israel Tuesday"  "Margolin criticizes Netanyahu after calling for "aliya""

To be fair, Bibi may never get another chance to visit Paris without being arrested for his massive war crimes record:  "Hollande asked Netanyahu not to attend Paris memorial march"

"The biggest threat to French free speech isn’t terrorism. It’s the government."  From 2005:  "French court bans Christ advert":
"The display was ruled "a gratuitous and aggressive act of intrusion on people's innermost beliefs", by a judge."
Tweet (ShiaⒺAli (ر)):
"Missing in this picture…"
Tweet (abu huzaifah.):
"On the day our treasured BBC covers the Paris Freedom March, their 9pm slot tonight on the Royals was pulled because Charles didn't like it."
 Politicians in solidarity with the people of France? Fake, of course. I wonder if this is the security that was required by Bibi's gatecrashing. Tweet (Borzou Daragahi):
"Seems world leaders didn't "lead" marchers in Paris but conducted photo op on empty, guarded street"
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