Thursday, January 29, 2015


"Who Was The Jeffrey Epstein Underage Sex Slave Who Is Now A Well Known Actress?"  Answered here, from 2011:  "Prince Andrew named in sex quiz but billionaire pervert's girl aides refuse to say if they even know royal".  It looks like the FBI could reopen this, but I can't see them attacking such an obvious Mossad operation.

"An Auschwitz for Arabs" "God Promised Antisemitism to the Zionists"

"When will women be allowed to drive in...Jiryas Joel, New York?"

Sheldon's gambit backfired:  "Menendez, other U.S. Senate Democrats, agree to hold off on new Iran bill - for now" "Boehner’s Treason?"  Even the extreme, but mainstream, right is upset:  "Is Netanyahu’s address to Congress unconstitutional?"

The concentration camp guard writes an entire article critical of Bibi without once mentioning the Lobby!:  "The Netanyahu Disaster"

The Turks and Russians have lots of negotiating left to do:  "Turkish-Russian Energy Relations in Light of the “Turkish Stream” Proposal"

"Greece Begins The Great Pivot Toward Russia"  "John Helmer: Russia’s and Greece’s Fraught New Friendship"

Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
"The new Greek minister for shipping took part in a 2011 flotilla attempt to break Gaza siege "
France has become Israel: "French police question 8-year-old on suspicion of “defending terrorism”"

"Source Code Similarities: Experts Unmask 'Regin' Trojan as NSA Tool"
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