Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The twist

"Victoria's Secret"  Surprisingly close to the truth, as close as you can be without mentioning the Mossad or Zionism.  Note that Epstein's sole connection to real money is Leslie Wexner, a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist.  Also note that Epstein is probably gay, and the stories of his partaking in the underage 'fun' are likely just part of his Mossad legend.

A pedophile pimp just can't walk up to characters like Clinton or Prince Andy and invite them to a 'party'.  The Mossad has to be a lot more subtle.  In this Golden Age, the one percenters see themselves as part of a club of natural rulers and takers.  Mossad agent Epstein had to be made to look like a real member of the 1%, a suitable 'friend' for people who think of themselves as big shots.  Charming Epstein befriends them, and then invites them over to a huge house, said to be his, for drinks, and then eventually to his Caribbean island, and some very young girls show up, and so on.  The natural takers can take whatever they want.  Morality is for the 99%.

The general scheme of Zionism is based on blackmail, usually delivered in the form of publishing contracts and speakers fees (and no doubt bags of cash).  The club of degenerate politicians - and I firmly believe that these people are selected based on their weaknesses of character which will allow them to be manipulated - and their 1% 'friends' is a friendly club, and friends don't usually have to resort to obvious pressure.  Blackmail is only required in the unlikely event that one of these degenerates grows a spine and refuses to be bribed.  Still, you like to have the tapes in your back pocket should they be required.

Also:  "All the Jeffrey Epstein Allegations Vanity Fair Wouldn't Publish"

"Alan Dershowitz Sued By Comic Relief"  Dersh has left himself very exposed.

"Where are the Jews to Defend Alan Dershowitz?"  "Defend “Israel’s advocate” Alan Dershowitz against rape claims, says prominent rabbi"  I'm guessing that Shmuley has a better handle on World Jewry and its collective supremacist feelings than Rania Khalek.

Related:  "Blind Items Revealed #2"  Ruffalo tweeted against the Gaza slaughter and needed police protection in Toronto to protect him against those who would kill him for it.  You need to understand that this racist supremacist group who are destroying us are not very nice.

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