Tuesday, January 13, 2015


From a comment by , we are directed here.  The first video has been removed "as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content" (it is shocking and disgusting, but perhaps not in the way they meant).   The second video is still up.  If you go to 0:44 you can clearly see that the wrists of Amedy Coulibaly are attached together.  As he flies through the air he would not be holding his wrists together like that.  It appears that somebody has tied his wrists together, and sent him out to his certain death.   He is not brandishing a weapon and is apparently trying to surrender (what else would he be doing, running towards the French police?).  Some sort of long gun - tucked under his arm? - appears to go flying as he drops to the ground.  Since dead men tell no tales, surrender wasn't on the menu.

Notice also how the French police pour in once he has been killed, certain that there is no other threat to them.  How would they know that?

I noticed both these things, the odd body position of Coulibaly and the bizarre lack of fear in the police, but accepted the Official Story until I was forced to really see the visual evidence.
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