Sunday, February 22, 2015


From the Angry Arab on Roger Auque:
  1. "More information on Roger Auque"
  2. "The former correspondent and Mossad agent, Roger Augue"
  3. "Mossad and the edangerment of the lives of foreign correspondents in the Middle East"
Another long discussion of Greenwald deciding what is good for the world through his 'ownership' of what should be public documents.

"Paid Climate-Change Skeptic Even More Corrupt Than Previously Thought" Least surprising story of the year.

"Twitter antics:  UAE-linked rights group and some odd goings-on"

"Harvard Law Professor Blames Victim in Child Trafficking Case"  From the Harvard Law School newspaper.  As outrageous as Dersh is, pointing it out is still rather brave.  Of course, attacking the child victim of this sort of crime in this way is indicative of the mindset of the men who commit this sort of crime.
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