Thursday, February 26, 2015


I will always find it odd that refusing to treat Jews as they demand to be treated is the politically correct approach:  "Zionist hoodlums and their tactics".

"France must treat online “anti-Semitism” like child pornography, president says":
"Only in passing, toward the end of the half-hour speech, did Hollande mention that anti-Muslim hate attacks in France in January alone exceeded the entire number recorded in 2014.

He did not announce any specific measures to combat this alarming phenomenon."

"UMass Amherst to Train Iranian Nuclear Scientists" (!)  Tweets (Ali Gharib):
"1. A few words on this embarrassingly racist and, moreover, completely wrong Liel Leibovitz piece: "
"I am former Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner. I worked in law enforcement for 36 years, and headed the investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey murder. AMAA."  "Mark Beckner opens up about JonBenet Ramsey case, then regrets it"  "Former police chief: JonBenet Ramsey case mishandled"

"Bill O'Reilly's Most Bizarre Lie Yet Centers On JFK Assassination Figure"  Having some connection, or claiming some connection, to the JFK assassination was very good for a whole generation of American 'journalists'.

"Jeff Wise Is Here to Chat About His Flight MH370 Disappearance Theory"  The author of this theory essentially admits that it is insane, but it is fashionable to slur Russia, so . . . .

"Snowden Calls for Disobedience Against the U.S. Government"  Comments display a healthy skepticism.
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