Tuesday, February 17, 2015


"Frantic intrigue of King Abdullah's last hours"

"The Saudis Rethink the Muslim Brotherhood" (Bibi's political future, with Bibi staking everything on an extreme anti-Iran stance, may be an indication of where World Jewry wants to position itself on this issue):
"Israeli policy has cozied somewhat toward the Saudis in recent years as both states oppose Iranian influence and its nuclear program. The prospect, however, of a unifying Sunni world, with Riyadh holding the upper hand, might reprioritize Israel’s security outlooks and perhaps lead to a rapprochement of its own with the strongest opponent of Saudi Arabia – Iran.

As implausible as this sounds given today’s tensions, it might be noted that numerous implausible if not preposterous events have taken place in the Middle East in only the last five years. And it might be recalled that Israel and Iran were strategic partners since the founding of Israel in 1948 until the early 1990s – hardly an eternity in geopolitical terms. Events are calling for a rethinking of strategic partnerships. Leaders should be listening."
"Al-Sisi Leaks: Secret Phone Conversations of Egypt’s Al-Sisi Mocking Arab Gulf States"

"New leak alleges that Egypt's Sisi 'stole' from Gulf donors"

American neocons don't like these developments, and so try to downplay them:  "Muslim Brotherhood Attempt to Discredit Egyptian President Al-Sisi Backfires"
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