Thursday, February 05, 2015

Stay away from paintball

"Why now? Story breaks that US teamed with Israel in assassinating Iranian ‘agent’ in ’08"  What I said a few days ago. Note that the title is misleading if you don't notice the scare quotes, and most people won't notice them.

You just have to laugh at these scummy tricks:  "Undercover informant infiltrated a suspected ISIS recruiting network in Ottawa, leading to arrest" (my emphasis in red):
"Originally from New Brunswick, Mr. Milton converted to Islam about a decade ago and was working at a paintball company outside Ottawa when the authorities took an interest in him, possibly because of the way he look, his uncle Gary Gallant said.
He was an intent Wahabi guy,” said one community member who knew him, referring to the strict Saudi brand of Islam."

This is exactly the kind of trickster that real Muslims should avoid.  Also, stay away from paintball, which seems to be riddled with Canadian intelligence assets!

"Dead prosecutor Nisman 'planned president's arrest'"  Found in a garbage bin weeks after the full search of his apartment, with no mention of it in his report submitted to the court.  Obviously planted by the intelligence agents behind this attempted right-wing coup.

"How Did Argentina’s Alberto Nisman Really Die?":
"Nisman’s death is classic black-bag baroque. It involves spies, Cold War intelligence agencies, Israel, Syria, Iran, oil politics, and, of course, the CIA and Mossad. But before going in to the deals, I want to point out its eerie similarity to another bizarre political death, in Guatemala of Rodrigo Rosenberg in 2009.
Rosenberg, just before he was murdered, made a video in which he accused the country’s then left-of-center president, Álvaro Colom, of having killed him because he had evidence of corruption. Where Nisman reportedly predicted his own death (“I might get out of this dead"), Rosenberg, in his video, said “if you are hearing or seeing this message it means that I’ve been murdered by President Álvaro Colom.”
Rosenberg then paid assassins to kill him. It was all part of an intricate rightwing conspiracy to destroy Colom’s mildly reformist presidency. I realize that sounds crazy. But that was the irrefutable conclusion of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, the result of an extraordinary investigation described in compelling detail by David Grann in The New Yorker. And just as many of Kirchner’s opponents have seized on Nisman’s death to take to the streets and declare “Yo soy Nisman” (“I am Nisman”), protests broke out in Guatemala after the appearance of the Rosenberg video that nearly toppled Colom. One of Colom’s key constituencies were mobilized peasants, demanding policy solutions to the country’s chronic land crisis; the protesters that denounced Colom as an asesino were largely from the urban middle class. That is, they were the same social composition mobilized against other left or reformist leaders, in Thailand, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. That year, 2009, in Honduras, similar protests brought down Manuel Zelaya."

"Judges decline to handle Nisman's allegations against Cristina Fernandez"  "Judge with Jewish ties takes over Nisman probe of Kirchner"

See comment here.  The dual loyalty suggestion - an utterly obvious possibility/probability - causes a bit of a freak-out in the thread.

"Putin prefers a bad peace" by Israel Shamir.  If this ends semi-well for Ukraine, the Ukrainians themselves will have to violently remove the American/Zionist traitors leading them to ruinous war.


"The Upper Middle Class Is Ruining America"
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