Monday, February 09, 2015

Vlad's pimp hand

Barry may be the pimp of the whorehouse known as Europe, but bottom bitch Frau Merkel is quickly learning that Vlad has the pimp hand.  It is hilarious that civilians have been slaughtered in eastern Ukraine for months now, but the situation only elevated into a 'crisis' when the freedom fighters were about to eliminate much of the Ukrainian army.

"Ukraine conflict: Vladimir Putin renews blame on West"  This would be a good exercise for journalism school - describe all the kinds of lying in this article.  I like how all the death tolls that are bandied about - almost all gross understatements - refer almost entirely to eastern Ukrainian civilians shelled to death by the Ukrainian army (partly neo-Nazis and partly very unwilling Ukrainian conscripts shanghaied by Willy Wonka), while we are supposed to be left with the impression that the dead are innocent junta civilians killed, somehow, by Putin.

Is Frau Merkel worried that the collapse of the junta will lead to massive numbers of Ukrainian refugees heading for Poland and then on to Germany?
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