Tuesday, March 31, 2015


"More on Menendez and the Mideast madmen - and other fun stuff on the nutty neocons" by Paul Mulshine.  Amazing to see this in the American mainstream media.

"How Liz Sly distorted the words and speech of Hasan Nasrallah"  "And now the other paper: Anne Barnard distorts and fabricates the words of Hasan Nasrallah: not the first time, of course"  I have to assume these 'journalists' are in constant communication in order to keep the lies straight.  You wouldn't want one of them making up one Zionist-spin lie about what Nasrallah said, and the other one coming up with another Zionist-spin lie about what Nasrallah said!

"An Exercise Equipment Conspiracy So Vast"  Sorry, but there is no way Reid acquired all those injuries - not just to the eye - a from an exercise device (but having said that, those exercise bands are obviously dangerous and shouldn't be used by anyone).  Somebody beat him up, and forced him out of politics. Bandghazi.

"Spokesman For Politician Who Committed Suicide Also Commits Suicide"  Yeah, just keep telling us it is all about 'anti-Semitism'!

"Psychiatric Medications found in Home of Germanwings Pilot Andreas Lubitz, who underwent 18 Months of Psychiatric “Treatment”"  This Official Story would be a lot more credible if it wasn't oozing out more slowly than the melting of Antarctic ice.

"JCRC of Greater Washington Condemns Reprehensible Virginia State Bar Decision to Cancel Legal Seminar in Israel"  "Virginia State Bar boycotts Israel"  Cancelled expressly on the basis of the undeniable discrimination of the state of Israel.  Anyone sponsoring a similar trip in the future supports discrimination.

"What the Simon Wiesenthal Center Award to Harvey Weinstein really means about Jewish Power in the U.S."  "Harvey Weinstein under investigation for allegedly groping 22-year-old model"

"Fortress of Nationalism: Russia Is Losing Its Political Morals"  A view from a country, Germany, that has numerous very large rallies of slightly whitewashed neo-Nazis.

"White House to Netanyahu: Your move"  Tweet (Ali Gharib):
"Jewish Dems tell Obama to lay off Netanyahu. This quote is stunning:"
Despite the typical Weiss spin, American Jews clearly support their real leader, Bibi, over the leader of the country they are temporarily forced to live in, Barry.

"Even America’s “Media Watchdogs” Hide U.S.’s Ukrainian Nazification and Ethnic Cleansing"

"Saudis Preparing For Ground Invasion Of Yemen As Airstrike Hits Refugee Camp"  "Yemen’s Response to Saudi Aggression “Will Devastate the Arab Kingdom, Change the Map of the Region”"  Ideally, a big Saudi loss on the ground will precipitate the end of asshole rule in Saudi Arabia.

Monday, March 30, 2015


"The War Nerd: A Brief History Of The Yemen Clusterf*ck"  A technique of colonialism:
"Arabs were getting very “modern” at that time. It’s important to remember that. You know why they stopped getting modern, and started getting interested in reactionary, Islamist repression?
Because the modernizing Arabs were all killed by the US, Britain, Israel, and the Saudis.
That was what happened in the North Yemen Civil War, from 1962-1967. After a coup, Nasser backed modernist Yemeni officers against the new Shia ruler. The Saudis might not have liked Shia, but they hated secularist, modernizing nationalists much more. At least the Northern Shia kings ruled by divine right and invoked Allah after their heretical fashion. That was much better, to the Saudi view, than a secular Yemen.
And the west agreed. To the Americans of that time, “secular” sounded a little bit commie. To the British, it sounded anti-colonial and unprofitable. To the Israelis, it raised the horrible specter of an Arab world ruled by effective 20th-century executives. States like that might become dangerous enemies, while an Arab world stuck in religious wars, dynastic feuds, and poverty sounded wonderful.
Why do you think the IDF has not attacked Islamic State or Jabhat Al Nusra even once?
So all the factions we call “The West” jumped in to destroy these Yemeni officers: British commandos and pilots, Israeli military advisors, CIA bagmen, NSA geeks, and mercenaries from all over the world.
That was the all-star lineup fighting “for Allah and the Emir,” as the idiots at Time Magazine enthused in a 1963 article.
And of course that lineup won easily, against a clique of officers and a half-trained Egyptian expeditionary force. Egypt lost something like 25,000 soldiers in Yemen; you don’t fight a British/Saudi/American/Israeli/Islamist/Royalist coalition like the one they were facing without losing big. After the Six-Day War in 1967, when it lost the Sinai, Egypt had no interest in bothering about Yemen and called its surviving troops home.
If you look at a control map of Northern Yemen in 1967, when the war ended with Egypt’s total defeat, you see that the Egyptian forces and their Yemeni allies still controlled some of the southern areas around Taiz (which was just taken by the Houthi last week), while the Royalists, the conservatives, controlled all of Saada Province and the north, the areas across from Najran.
So the Houthi, whose core strength perfectly maps the Royalists’ areas of control in 1967, draw their strength from these same conservative areas. As for the modernist, secular Yemenis, they’re just gone. Emigrated, or died, or saw their children seduced by the madrassi.
That scenario was repeated all over the Middle East during the Cold War, and it has a lot to do with how messed up the place is now. “For Allah and the Emir”; when Time ran that headline in 1963, that slogan sounded quaint and kind of touching. . . . It sounded like a nice alternative to Nasser, nationalism (and its much more dangerous corollary, nationalization) or, worse yet, Communism.
So the West put its weapons and its money in on the side of “Allah and the Emir” over and over again, against every single faction trying to make a modern, secular Arab world, whether on the Nasserite, Ba’athist, Socialist, Communist, or other model.
It worked very well . . . or badly, if you prefer." 

"How Yemen's US-backed ex-dictator is tearing his country apart" 

Normally, Iran could help by stirring up the Shiites who live around Saudi oil fields, but the nuclear negotiations removes that option for now.  The big question is what the Saudis do when they finish their civilian-slaughtering bombing runs and the Houthis are still there.

"President Assad Interview with Charlie Rose-CBSNEWS [VIDEO]"  Assad is the geopolitically hippest world leader - he is almost unique in stating exactly what is going on.  In fact, his understanding of 'conspiracy theory' explains how he is still alive.

"Macedonia: Scenario of A Ukraine Style Protest Movement and Coup d’Etat?"

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (also):
"College senior who listened to Berkeley Prof John Yoo's pro-torture lecture correctly identifies him as a sociopath"
"Amid Inquiry, Menendez Finds Well of Support Among Jewish Leaders" When your big problem is being corrupted by Jewish billionaire money, the obvious solution is to pay for your legal fees with Jewish billionaire money.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


"NYT Publishes Call to Bomb Iran" (Parry)

"American-Israeli Rabbi compares Obama to Haman

"They're Palestinians, not 'Israeli Arabs'"  If you talk about Palestinians you run the risk of talking about a place called Palestine.

"M.K. Bhadrakumar responds: It suits everyone to pretend this is a solo Saudi act"

Tweet (Micah Zenko):
"Thursday, State Dept endorsed Saudi-led intervention in Yemen to protect Saudi border. Friday, b/c there's "a request from President Hadi,""
"TV News Insults Viewers’ Intelligence Once Again With Cartoon Reenactments of Co-Pilot Knocking"  What's shocking is that they refrained from making the co-pilot look like Osama bin Laden.  "The Germanwings Co-pilot’s Non-Existent ‘Muslim Conversion’"

Tweet (Stephanie Carvin):
"Louise Arbour is now skeptical of R2P: But I suggested her approach was mistaken years ago: "
Note the comment by The Last Truthbender. R2P is just another Zionist trick, and history isn't going to treat its stooges, like Arbour, well.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Get ready to be surprised

I have to admit I laughed when I saw the picture:  "London subway removes Germanwings 'get ready' ads".  We're being fed an enormous amount of unsubstantiated and vague allegations about the mental state of the co-pilot.

"Black Power in Washington"  They can block any attempt to override Barry's veto of whatever Zionist warmongering nuttiness the jewslave Congress comes up with on Iran.

Rhetorical questions answer themselves:  "Germany gave a warning. So why was Lusitania full?"

"Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton wiped her server clean"  Just what you'd expect from an innocent politician!

"Leaked Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide's Secret Spy Network"  Clinton was running her own private intelligence agency in Libya.  Probably wise, considering that the alternative is relying on lies from the CIA or State Department.

"Spanish Congress Approves Draconian Laws Essentially Sending Spain Back to the Dark Ages"  Canada is working on the same kind of evil.

Despite the Sanctions For The Jews and all the other nonsense, Russia is fine:  "Putin's Economic Team Plays Houdini"

"Distorting Putin’s Favorite Philosophers"  It is not interesting that Americans can't meet the challenge of understanding what they attempt to write about (or are intentionally misleading).  It is interesting that Putin actually bases policy decisions on the work of philosophers.  American Presidents would be more likely to rely on comic books.

"Right Sector Insignificant? President Offers Neo-Nazi Defense Ministry Post"

"US: Yemen Rebels Have Looted Intelligence Files"  When the Saudis started their civilian slaughter operation it was immediately announced that a large portion of Houthi leadership had been killed.

"New York Times Accidentally Undermines John Bolton “Bomb Iran” Op-Ed in Own Pages"  What Bolton and the Jew York Times want, yet another War For The Jews, is the absolute best way to force the Iranians to start a nuclear weapons program.

"Obama Administration Bullies Allies Over Iran Nuke Deal Dissent"  France is the jewslave in the negotiations, secretly trying to block a deal.

"University's 'anti-Semitic' Israel conference condemned"  Yes.  The entire Jewish state is completely illegal under international law.  Note the traditional Jewish bullying.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sgt. Gibbs cut off your finger

Tweet (Hend):
"What is a ? What characteristics were absent that would remove him so quickly from the list?"
We're reached the point where any intentional violent action against a group of civilians advances the cause of the Islamophobes. Thus, speculation: "If the Pilot is Jewish, Then its a Medical Problem, if He's Muslim, Then its Terrorism".  Remember, always, always, always, consider false flag first.

"Harvey Weinstein Urges Jews to Take on Anti-Semites: "Kick These Guys in the Ass""  "A Jewish leader warned the US about rising anti-Semitism in Europe and compared it to the 1930s"  Even by the extraordinarily low standards of Jewish billionaires, Lauder is a piece of shit.

The ROYAL pedophile is guessed - without evidence, I might add, but it fits - to be Prince Andy (#264).  This would put him well under a Jewish blackmail operation run by Leon Brittan.

The Toronto Star used to be a good newspaper, but they are now in the hilarious headline squad:  "Ukrainian leader strikes blow against oligarchy"

Headline fraud:  "Always Remember, the NY Times Pushed, Hard, for War in Iraq"

"Ilargi: Kiev, Moscow, Bonds and Haircuts"  No haircut if you can turn off the gas to Ukraine and Europe.  Spring is the time of nonsense, and fall brings its harsh realities.

"Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Investment Chapter"  The end of sovereignty.  So extreme it is probably a chip meant to be taken off the table to force through the rest of the corporate overlord legislation.

"The Cruz Troika"  As bad as you might expect.

"No Snowden Asylum, He's a CIA Fraud" Obviously written in the purest tinfoilhat style, and thus bogus (no possible official government document would look anything like that), but interesting.

"All the sexual abuse of South American children by U.S. military personnel that's fit to print"

"Maywand District murders"  "Gul Mudin" by Xiu Xiu.  Lyrics:  "Sgt. Gibbs cut off your finger, Andy Holmes put it in a sock".  I can't get enough of Xiu Xiu, and I think Botanica de Los Angeles was the song (and music video) of the year for 2014.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easy A

Hey, we might want to reconsider those lockable airplane cabin doors, which of course is another artifact of Islamophobia (thanks again, Jews!).

"Follow the money: Zionist backlash and Islamophobia"  Note how a lot of the funding is from the gentile ultra-right.

"Test prep question asks students: ‘Which race is superior’ in Israel?’" (Easy A):
"From your acquaintance with the peoples that live in Israel, which is the superior race and which is the inferior race?"

"The War on Yemen: how to read it"  A war that is good for oil producers.

"Netanyahu’s Spying Denials Contradicted by Secret NSA Documents"

Tweet (Al Gharib):
"Here's John Bolton calling for war with (again): A few words on the least surprising op-ed of 2015 to follow."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Round up

"Kremlin heads for collision course with Ukraine over debt haircut"  You can skip the article but read the comments!

Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
""Netanyahu apologises for warning about Arabs voting in election" headline here deliberately misleading 1/ "
"How the New York Times spins stories that can be potentially damaging to Israel"  The obvious pattern of mainstream media headline trickery.

"Benjamin Netanyahu’s unholy alliance with Europe’s anti-Semitic far right"

"J Street versus Netanyahu"  Correct, but it applies to all lite Zionism.

Despite some very mild trolling by Barry - which is causing the usual whining - everybody noted that the first thing the Americans did after Bibi's victory and his series of outrageous actions and remarks insulting the United States was to back up Israeli intransigence:  "Israel 'boycotts' UN rights council session on Gaza war"

Having said that, there are encouraging - and amazing - signs of a break:  "AP Analysis: Is Israel democratic? Not so clear" (the traditionally ultra-Zionist AP does the math!):
"But among Israelis themselves, there is increasing angst over the fact that their country of 8 million people also controls some 2.5 million West Bank Palestinians who have no voting rights for its parliament.
If the 2 million Palestinians of Gaza — a territory dominated indirectly by Israel — were added to the equation, then together with the 2 million Arab citizens of "Israel proper" the Holy Land would be home to a population of some 12 million, equally divided between Arabs and Jews.
Of the Arabs, only a third have voting rights. These are the "Israeli Arabs" who live in the areas that became Israel in the 1948-49 war, which established the country's borders.
Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza in 1967 but Israel never annexed them, both for fear of world reaction and due to concerns about millions more Palestinians gaining the vote.
Israelis argue that since the areas are not formally part of Israel, the goings-on therein do not undermine the democracy claim. And some might note that few democracies are perfect; after all, some 4 million U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico cannot vote for the U.S. president because of that island's unusual arrangement. In the end, perhaps, these things are a matter of degree.
But critics increasingly consider it a little too convenient: Israel builds towns by the score in these non-annexed lands — communities which have bestowed an oddly controversial aspect upon the once-innocent term "settlements."
Through an amendment to the electoral law, Israel allows the settlers who live in these places to vote in its elections even though it otherwise has no provision for absentee balloting. Several top Cabinet figures, including Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, are in this extraordinary fashion not technically residents of Israel."
"Kolomoisky, Dismissed As Governor Of Dniepropetrovsk, Issues New Threat For This Press Question — Has He Lost His Swiss Residence Permit?" Never fear, he still has the traditional out for scoundrals of his ilk:
"Kolomoisky is the target of a Russian prosecutor’s warrant for conspiracy to murder; commission of war crimes; and kidnapping. Interpol is unlikely to have accepted the Russian request for his arrest and extradition, but if Kolomoisky were to leave Ukraine, the only country certain to allow him entry would be Israel, where he and his family have lived in the past."
Round up the cancer: "What happened when Patrick Moore was challenged to drink a glass of glyphosate?"

Tweet (John Hodgman):
"Is there an app that will just give the NSA *all* my data? I'm tired of piecemealing it over a bunch of different programs and services."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Battle of the oligarchs

"35th anniversary of Romero's assassination"  "Salvadorans protest plan to name street for death-squad chief"

"Jewish Defence League leader gets community service for assault at pro-Palestine event"

Tweet (Elias Isquith):
"What complete, utter, absolute and total nonsense from the latest David Brooks masterpiece"
A distinguishing feature of violent racist group supremacists is that they regard any push back against their supremacy as not just bigotry, but a unique form and level of bigotry.

"IMF: Ukraine Must Now Steal $1.5B+ from Russia to Buy Arms" "Sorry Ukraine, You Still Need Russian Gas"

The First Ukrainian Civil War was the attempted slaughter by the junta of eastern Ukrainians.  Now the Second Ukrainian Civil War has begun:
  1. "Oligarchs and their "Pocket Armies" Take Over Oil Company in Kiev; Ukraine Begs for More Money; Three-Way Civil War?"
  2. "Too many rats, not enough cheese - TTG"
  3. "Kolomoisky finishing Ukraine up" 
  4. "Is Uncle Sam “tossing” Kolomoiskii?"
  5. "Poroshenko Orders Arrest Of Kolomoisky-Linked Militia Troops For Seizing State-Owned Oil Firm"
As the junta does not even have a monopoly of power within the borders it claims to have, it is arguably not even a 'state', proving you can manage to be a failed state without even rising to the level of state.  Kolomoisky is a Jewish oligarch who happens to be paying Joe Biden's son, so you have to wonder if Willie Wonka is soon going to end up head-first in a barrel of melted chocolate.  Yats seems safe.

"'The Fourth Reich': What Some Europeans See When They Look at Germany" 

"America's Left-Wing Jews Ashamed of Israel's Jews" (Prager)  This is just another level of Zionist-protecting bullshit.

"Regime Change: America's Failing Weapon Of International Deception"  "Are NGOs Agents of Subversion?"  It is awesome that Bibi is accusing the Americans of attempting regime change on him!!!

"Report: Israel Spied on US Talks with Iran"  Gawker is a cesspool of Zionism, but the comments are very anti-Israeli.

"Israel denies spying on US-Iran nuclear talks"  There are many possible headlines, so the BBC picks one that protects Israel!

"Tom Friedmann finds ISIS awful and useful (by CP)"  The JSIL-ISIL alliance contains more than a hint of desperation.

"Israeli settlers are using archaeological digs as cover to take Palestinian land, British government says"  Duh!

"Unanswered questions for ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden"  We've seen an unbelievable - literally - level of highest-level police-state fascism in all western governments since September 11, and the authorities needed a way to retroactively create paper approval for all their wrongdoings, even a tiny portion of which would have, in a better time, led to immediate hangings for all involved.  Thus, Snowden, and the Greenwald trickle, followed by 'reform' legislation which rubber stamps approval for the abuses, both past and future.

Monday, March 23, 2015


"Nazi Extortion: Study Sheds New Light on Forced Greek Loans"  The Germans have sent billions and billions and billions to World Jewry, nearly all of which has gone into the pockets of a few Jewish fraudsters, yet rejects a clearly legitimate claim from the Greeks based on the German interpretation of an agreement the Greeks were not a party to!

"Ecuador's Correa Refutes AFP on CIA-Opposition Protest Link"  "Ecuador denies blaming US for 'attrition campaign'"  The newest 'color revolution'.

"Crimeans Keep Saying No to Ukraine"  Who in their right mind would want to be a part of Ukraine, aka Kaganistan, aka The New Israel (once those inconvenient Jew-hating Ukrainians have been starved out)?

"Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Revealed"

"Harper: General Petraeus' Embarrassing Return"  Kagan.

Another possibility in the DeHart railroading is that the mysterious files were part of a CIA counterintelligence operation, an effort to flush out who on the base was leaking embarrassing details about the CIA drone targeting, targeting which overwhelmingly kills civilians, a fact which angers some of the soldiers there.

You might have wondered what happened to the American grifters and con men, the subject of so much lore and literature over the years. Well, they all went to work for Google:  "The Moral Hazard of Big Data"

"Google Adsense Spying"

"‘Former Dutch military intelligence (MIVD) agent extorted Dutch govt for EUR 500,000′"

"The Jewish Left Is Not The Solution, It Is The Heart Of The Problem" (Atzmon).  Without the Jewish 'left', the Zionist project of murder and land theft would have already failed.  Note how Mondoweiss slipped seamlessly from celebrating the upcoming victory of the Israeli 'left' as proof that the Jews could fix the problem, to celebrating Bibi's overwhelming victory as an incentive to move American Jews to an anti-Zionist position.  It would be funny if it weren't so deceitful and tragic.

"A Very Kosher Dishonesty"

"Teaching young people to hate: the ugly face of J Street’s anti-Palestinian bigotry exposed":
". . . the fear of Palestinian babies lies at the core of “liberal” Zionism."

"Can Israel remain a democracy?"  Like Peter Beinart, Milbank raises the democracy issue and then fails to deal with the problem (they all talk two-states, without acknowledging that two-states is now impossible, not to mention expressly rejected by the Israeli leader).  If he was honestly worried about the safety of his daughter, wouldn't it be safer not to convert her?  The pretense that the world is filled with Jew-hatred, and Israel is required to serve as a protective ark for the Jews, is a common lie of Zionists and lite Zionists.  Israel is obviously the least safe place for Jews to live, and would be even less safe should this mythological Jew-hatred appear.   Zionism is actually pure supremacism, with Israel required as the only safe haven for human beings, i.e., Jews, to live not surrounded by the filth of animal gentiles.

"Ex-cop claims a ROYAL was in paedophile ring but inquiry was closed to shield Buckingham Palace from scandal"  The operation, which would have been used for blackmail, was run by Leon Brittan.  It is nothing short of amazing that the 'missing' dossier remains 'missing', and no one is being forced to produce it.

Cass must be overjoyed:  "The State Against The Republic" (Meyssan).  "French gov preparing to outlaw ‘conspiracy theories’"

"Commedian Dieudonne fined $24,000 for joke about Jewish journalist"  "US Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic leads school to apologise"

At least the finest American satirist has more time to write:  "The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Prison"

"Lies and Deceptions on the Left: The Politics of Self Destruction" (Petras)

Rule by assholes: "proctocracy".

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The holy grail of conspiracies

One of the most interesting areas of conspiracy theory is the possibility of the planting of false information by government authorities, for motives including confusing or embarrassing the conspiracy theorists, promoting government-sponsored conspiracy theories, or entrapment.

"Is Matt DeHart Being Prosecuted Because FBI Investigated CIA for the Anthrax Leak?":
". . . there’s something odd about how this was allegedly leaked.
According to Buzzfeed, the anthrax investigation came in one unencrypted folder with the ag document and a document on drone targeting the source of which he thinks he knows (it would like have been a former colleague from the ANG).
How would it ever be possible that the same person would have access to all three of those things? While it’s possible the ag admission ended up in the government, even a DOJ investigation into such an admission would be in a different place than the FBI anthrax investigation, and both should be inaccessible to the ANG people working on SIPRNet.
That is, this feels like the Laptop of Death, which included all the documents you’d want to argue that Iran had an active and advanced nuclear weapons program, but which almost certainly would never all end up on the same laptop at the same time.
And, given DeHart’s belief reported elsewhere this was destined for WikiLeaks, I can’t help but remember the Defense Intelligence Agency report which noted that WikiLeaks might be susceptible to disinformation (not to mention the HB Gary plot to discredit WikiLeaks, but that came later).
This raises the possibility that the Wikileaks.org Web site could be used to post fabricated information; to post misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda; or to conduct perception management and influence operations designed to convey a negative message to those who view or retrieve information from the Web site
That is, given how unlikely it would be to find these juicy subjects all together in one folder, I do wonder whether they’re all authentic (though DeHart would presumably be able to assess the authenticity of the drone targeting documents)."
Unlike World Hero Guccifer, DeHart didn't go looking for this stuff - it just appeared one day on his secret server.  There is an explanation in the BuzzFeed article for why he wasn't suspicious at the combination of information:
"Matt says he thought of his fellow airmen, some of whom knew about the Shell. “I’m not going to say who I think it was, but there was a lot of dissatisfaction in my unit about cooperating with the CIA,” he says. Intelligence analysts with the proper clearance (such as Manning and others) had access to a deep trove of sensitive data on the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, or SIPRNet, the classified computer network used by both the Defense and State departments."
Thus, this could be:
  1. a completely legitimate and accurate compilation of various files assembled by someone with enough of a security clearance - and the Manning case shows that the complexities of the American classification system, a symptom of trying to juggle so many secrets while allowing access to the secrets by some in government, is a mess;
  2. a mix of true and false data, either by a mistake by the leaker, or an intentional government trick; or
  3. the planting of completely false information by the government or some private trickster.
I wouldn't put the CIA high on the list of suspects for the anthrax attacks, but we know it is one of the jobs of the CIA to take the fall for various discovered wrongdoings by other parts of the American government (and never forget the obvious Zionist component to the anthrax conspiracy).

Saturday, March 21, 2015


"“I Might Have Some Sensitive Files”" (my emphasis in red):
"According to Matt, he was sitting at his computer at home in September 2009 when he received an urgent message from a friend. A suspicious unencrypted folder of files had just been uploaded anonymously to the Shell. When Matt opened the folder, he was startled to find documents detailing the CIA’s role in assigning strike targets for drones at the 181st.
Matt says he thought of his fellow airmen, some of whom knew about the Shell. “I’m not going to say who I think it was, but there was a lot of dissatisfaction in my unit about cooperating with the CIA,” he says. Intelligence analysts with the proper clearance (such as Manning and others) had access to a deep trove of sensitive data on the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, or SIPRNet, the classified computer network used by both the Defense and State departments.
As Matt read through the file, he says, he discovered even more incendiary material among the 300-odd pages of slides, documents, and handwritten notes. One folder contained what appeared to be internal documents from an agrochemical company expressing culpability for more than 13,000 deaths related to genetically modified organisms. There was also what appeared to be internal documents from the FBI, field notes on the bureau’s investigation into the worst biological attack in U.S. history: the anthrax-laced letters that killed five Americans and sickened 17 others shortly after Sept. 11.
Though the attacks were officially blamed on a government scientist who committed suicide after he was identified as a suspect, Matt says the documents on the Shell tell a far different story. It had already been revealed that the U.S. Army produced the Ames strain of anthrax — the same strain used in the Amerithrax attacks — at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. But the report built the case that the CIA was behind the attacks as part of an operation to fuel public terror and build support for the Iraq War.
Despite his intelligence training, Matt was no expert in government files, but this one, he insists, featured all the hallmarks of a legitimate document: the ponderous length, the bureaucratic nomenclature, the monotonous accumulation of detail. If it wasn’t the real thing, Matt thought, it was a remarkably sophisticated hoax. (The FBI declined requests for comment.)"
"Missing WSJ Reporter’s Body Discovered in New Jersey River"  One of the spate of deaths surrounding Wall Street and international banksters.

"Avaaz call for a ‘no-fly zone’ in Syria"  "Avaaz: The Lobbyist that Masquerades as Online Activism"

"U.S. Begs Russia to Remain in ‘SWIFT’ - The One Bank Fails Again"

"Updated: Google Suspends Site from Ad Network for Abu Ghraib Photo"

"Western Connection in the Assassination of Serbia’s Prime Minister Djindjic"

Friday, March 20, 2015

Two-statement solution

Tweet (Benjamin Netanyahu) (parody, but accurate):
"On MSNBC I reiterate my commitment to the two-statement solution as the way forward to guarantee permanent occupation "
"Netanyahu Backtracks From Remarks Opposing Palestinian State (VIDEO)"

"Netanyahu Does Sharp U-Turn, Now Supports Two-State Solution"

Despite the fact that over decades there is not the slightest hint that Bibi supports a two-state solution, this incident is depicted as a flip-flop to lie to Americans that his real position is two-state, and he was just lying to his supporters.

Zionism is about time and timing.  What World Jewry intends to do - kill a lot more people and steal a lot more land - is simply too horrible to be done in any way except incrementally, and as hidden as possible.  The debate between Jews is over how quickly they can get away with the murdering and stealing.  The entire point of lite Zionism is to create the illusion that there is a sizable population of Jews who support a humanitarian solution, the two-state solution, and that Jews are the only people moral enough to implement it.  Gentiles need to back off until the good Jews fix the problem.  This is how World Jewry buys time to do its dirty work, and lite Zionism is an integral part of the process.  Despite lite Zionists constantly telling us how many more Jews are on the side of peace and justice, each passing day brings with it more murders and more land stolen.

On a totally unrelated (!) note:  "Obamas may be buying 'Magnum, P.I.' home in Hawaii" (my emphasis in red):
"The luxurious beachfront Hawaiian home made famous by the ’80s television series — the backdrop for Tom Selleck’s adventures as a skirt-chasing, freeloading private investigator — was sold this week in a mysterious transaction that involves a prominent Obama friend and one of his major donors.
And while the White House isn’t confirming anything, there’s a lot of talk among residents of Waimanalo, the beachfront area of Honolulu where the property is located, that they‘re expecting to see Obama and his family hanging out there once he’s done with the White House.
According to a report from Fox affiliate KHON, a group called Waimanalo Paradise LLC purchased the property, located along the southeast coast of Oahu, on Monday for $8.7 million. Waimanalo Paradise’s contact is reportedly Seth Madorsky, a lawyer in Chicago and Obama donor. The property was then sold to another limited liability corporation based in Colorado, according to a report from ABC affiliate KITV. The deed and the mortgage are both signed by Judy Grimanis, KHON reported. Grimanis is an executive assistant at The Vistria Group, a private-equity firm in Chicago run by Marty Nesbitt, a frequent Obama golf and travel partner in Hawaii. Nesbitt is one of Obama’s top 10 golf partners, having played with him 18 times during his presidency, according to records compiled by POLITICO.
A receptionist at the firm said Grimanis is Nesbitt’s assistant. Her name is also the same as that of a person who worked for Obama fundraiser and current Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker’s companies.
None of the documents mention Obama, and the search for clues to confirm the home’s real purpose has turned into a sleuthing exercise worthy of … well, a private investigator.
The White House declined to comment and referred all questions about the sale to Nesbitt. A senior administration official told POLITICO only that “the president is not a party to this transaction.”
A receptionist at the Vistria Group said Nesbitt was out of the office Thursday, and referred questions to Grimanis, who passed them along to Madorsky, the donor.
In a statement late Thursday, Madorsky suggested that Nesbitt was the buyer of the home — but didn’t address what might happen to it in the future.
“Marty Nesbitt has authorized me to advise you that I represented him in connection with the purchase. Marty did not have any partners or co-investors in the transaction,” Madorsky said."

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Living up to

The Onion is at its best when its fake stories are identical to what should be real news if such a thing was allowed to be published:  "U.S. Worried About Living Up To Netanyahu Campaign Promises"

"US officials: Washington could back UN resolution on Palestine"  "NY Times: Obama may agree to UN resolution on '67 borders after Netanyahu campaign rhetoric"  Won't happen as the Jewish billionaires who bribe Barry won't allow it to happen, but note the blood-pouring-from-the-fangs comments.

'Not terrorism' news:
  1. "Feds Arrest Man In Alleged Aryan Plot To 'Storm Washington' And Kill Obama"
  2. "Arizona shooting suspect identified by police, has links to neo-Nazi group"
"New Times Op-Ed Writer Has a Colorful Past with Racist Publications"  His crime?:
"VDARE’s racist ideology did not prevent Khan from earnestly linking to an essay published there in 2009. The author of the VDARE piece argued that the “defense of the West against the onslaught of Islam and Third-World immigration” required acknowledging that the State of Israel was part of the West and, by extension, under the very same threat. Khan’s response, published on Taki’s Magazine, consisted of his suggestion that the “West” seemed to be only Christian, not Judeo-Christian, in nature."
"New York Times published piece about Netanyahu’s racism, then rewrote all of it"  Striking even by the standards of the NYT.

"The Obama’s decree: what’s behind it?"

"It’s What Jesus Would Do, Right?"  The optics of the billion euro building.

"5 Theories About the Greatest Unsolved Art Heist Ever"

"Why Putin Did Not Send the Russian Army into Donbass"  Rule by consent.

"The Scientology Conspiracy Theory About Two Artists' "Golden Suicides""

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bibi's magnificent win

Hearty congratulations to Bibi and his spectacular, magnificent, truth-affirming, win.  The Jews of Israel had a clear choice between permanently identifying themselves as violent, racist, supremacist assholes, or as as violent, racist, supremacist assholes with an asterisk, and chose the former.  The delusion of an Israeli 'center' forced Bibi to turn the election into a referendum on the truth of Jewish supremacism.  We no longer have to pay any attention to any Jewish lies about the creation of a Palestinian state.

Still, it is clear that the results were rigged.

"Netanyahu won. Now what?"  "Who can save Israel now?"  The entire point of Mondoweiss and other lite Zionists is to trick the gentiles into believing the Jews are not assholes.  Isn't it time to fold up?  I'm serious.  What trickery is left?

Here's the concentration camp guard interviewing Oren, who says of American Jews (directly contradicting the lite Zionist line):
"The right is growing much more rapidly, even as a percentage within the Jewish community. There’s a greater percentage that is more religious, more conservative. That disparity is going to grow in favor of the right in coming years."

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

All sides just rolled their eyes

Hiring a non-protester to wing a couple of cops from the area of the protesting is just the kind of false-flag we've come to know and expect:  "Ferguson authorities say man confessed to shooting 2 officers"

"California’s One-Year Water Supply vs. Fracking"  Yeah, in an historic and critical drought, let's permanently poison the tiny amount of groundwater we have left.  "California Is Turning Back Into A Desert And There Are No Contingency Plans"  There was a time when the famous ingenuity and drive of Americans would be all over this problem - not to mention the much greater problem of the cause of the droughts - but that time is long past.

"Promising NFL Rookie Retires Because Of Concerns Over Head Trauma"  Watch for a big push to promote professional soccer.  Both the gambling-industrial complex, and the stadium-industrial complex, are soon going to need fresh meat.

"Petraeus Advising White House on ISIS"  On account of his record at having excellent judgment.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"Day by day we see inserting more of her pro-settlement political agenda into NY Times reporting."
See also.

"Tony Blair 'had no credibility' in Middle East process, says US official":
"Frankly all sides just rolled their eyes at the mention of his name."
"FM Lieberman to Sputnik: Israel's Decisions on Iran Nuclear Issue Trump US"

"National pharmacare program could save $7.3 billion: study":
"The study did not take into account additional savings to the health system that would be achieved when those who cannot afford to fill prescriptions start taking medications. Nor did it take into account savings that would be derived through the more appropriate prescribing that a national system would be expected to promote."
I wonder if enough of The Stupid from being adjacent to the Americans will make this no-brainer impossible.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Still crazy after all these years

"War with Iran is probably our best option" by Joshua Muravchik

"Joshua Muravchik"

"This Is The Craziest Op-Ed You'll Read This Year"

"The Washington Post Will Kill Us All"

"Neocons Probably Going Wobbly On Bombing Iran"

"Three Maps for Professor Muravchik"

We need to take time to understand how World Jewry operates.  Muravchik doesn't expect that Barry will hop to it and start WWIII (a war, by the way, the United States will lose, with real and severe consequences for the standard of living of every American).  No, he is setting up the groundwork for an attack by the next President, with the possible candidates for the position, Walker, Hillary, and Jebbie, all firmly owned and controlled by the Jewish Billionaires.  The neocons have always worked this way.  Their essential problem is that each of the Wars For The Jews is entirely insane, and obviously so.  World Jewry spends years setting up a background of opinion by people with credentials.  This background is then used to create, using the Jew-controlled media, the idea that the insanity is actually the only possible conclusion, and since both Congress and the President will be 100% property of the Jews, another utterly disastrous War For The Jews becomes inevitable.

That's the plan, but all is not hopeless.  This particular War For The Jews is even more disastrous than all the preceding ones combined, and will have a profound negative effect on the wealth of the 1%.  World Jewry has a steep hill to climb.  We need to understand what they are always up to in order to ensure they don't get away with it.  Again.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


"Robert Durst arrested in New Orleans":
"Robert Durst, the subject of HBO series, "The Jinx," about his suspected involvement in three murders, has been arrested in New Orleans on an extradition warrant out of Los Angeles."
You have to wonder if this is a result of the revelation on 'The Jinx' that the block printing and misspelling on the letter sent to police regarding the body of Susan Berman was an exact match to the block printing and misspelling on a letter known to be sent by Robert Durst.

Ended up

"C.I.A. Cash Ended Up in Coffers of Al Qaeda"  Ended up?!

"al Qaeda didn't need Edward Snowden to tell them about NSA spying"

"This gives you some basis to think that they understand who is their real enemy - maybe it isn’t Israel"

"White House drops plans to reduce US forces in Afghanistan to 5,500 this year"  Watch for the American media - both mainstream and 'left' - to continue to act as if the war against Afghanistan is long over.

"US shuts down Saudi embassy amid security fears"  An attack on Saudi Arabia would be good for oil prices.

"Canada, State Sponsor of Terrorism? Role of Canadian Embassy in Jordan in ISIS Recruitment?"  Note that the Canadian ambassador to Jordan is not a diplomat, but an RCMP 'security expert' connected to Harper.

"Ex-spy scurries to cast doubt on CSIS-ISIS link"

Harper is currently ramming through ultra-fascist 'anti-terrorism' legislation based largely on fears of ISIS, which Canada supports!

"ISIS is closing in on Europe's backyard"

"CSIS highlights white supremacist threat ahead of radical Islam"  The headline makes it sound that CSIS is announcing this, but, needless to say, the story is based on documents pried out of them.  Actually, ALL 'terrorism', and I mean ALL, falls into five groups:
  1. false flag attacks, like 9/11, and the activities ascribed to al Qaeda and ISIS, which are of course fronts for western intelligence agencies;
  2. completely self-defensive acts of war against foreign invaders;
  3. patsy attacks set up by government operatives working for real terrorist groups like the FBI or RCMP, attacks which would never have occurred but for the actions of the government agents, and which are largely motivated by careerism;
  4. acts of the mentally ill (always alone);
  5. white supremacist attacks (the only true terrorism which now exists).
The surprising thing is that there are no - none, zero, nada - terrorist attacks by Muslims on the west.  This is a massive problem both for World Jewry and the security industrial complex, requiring the kind of manipulation that we are constantly seeing.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jihadis R Us

"British girls were helped into Syria by spy from U.S.-led coalition"  The Israeli government is closely allied with ISIS, so, naturally, the Canadian government is closely allied with ISIS.  "New anti-terror laws coming as jihadis ‘declare war,’ Harper says"

"Ex-governor of Ukraine’s Zaporizhia region found dead in his home"

"Why Are US Taxpayers Subsidizing Right-Wing Israeli Settlers?"

"Barcelona: fans prohibited from waving Palestinian flags during Maccabi TA game":
"According to the Barcelona sports daily "Sport," Mossad agents will be positioned in the stands during the game prepared to stop any fan who will try to raise a Palestinian flag or attempt any provocation against Israel."

"New Sisi leak reveals more on Dahlan’s role in Libya"

"Did a Religious Conspiracy Drive a Missouri Politician to Suicide?"  Nobody buys the Official Story.

"Robert Durst Blinks Every Goddamn Time He Tells a Lie"  Amazing story, and the documentary about it, The Jinx, is great.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Down the drain

Putin conspiracy theories:  "Nemtsov killing exposes cracks in Kremlin unity".  It takes the blame off Putin, so there may be some truth to it.  On the other hand, Reuters also has a very vague (and late) story on MH17:  "Exclusive: From 'Red October' village, new evidence on downing of Malaysian plane over Ukraine"

"Philly busses ordered to accept ads featuring Hitler"

"Israeli op-ed writer calls on Israel to nuke Germany, Iran"  Hilarious only if they nuke Germany using German-supplied subs.  Remember:  "Israeli Professor - 'We Could Destroy All European Capitals'"

"Mind the PUP: Top download portals to avoid"

"Silvio Berlusconi's 'bunga bunga' acquittal upheld by high court"  Seriously?

"‘New IMF loan to Ukraine will go down the drain’"  "Ukraine SITREP Thursday March 12th, 2015"  It is difficult to remember that the Maidan protests were ostensibly about corruption.

"Obama’s Hard Turn to the Right in Hemispheric Policy"  This weirdness is yet another symptom of imperial collapse.

"The Christopher Hitchens Prize For Un-Hitch-Like Behavior"  The $50,000 is to help cope for the embarrassment of winning.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


"Anatomy of a Hack"

"Why Alberto Nisman Is No Hero for Argentina — or the Jews"

Standardized patsy treatment:  "Boston Marathon bomb trial: FBI agent mistakes Grozny for Mecca in Twitter":
"The underlying meaning of the first phase of this trial is, Clarke’s opening statement made clear, not to exonerate Tsarnaev completely of the 30 charges against him, but to win the jury’s trust for the second, death-penalty phase, when they will hear arguments as to whether to sentence Tsarnaev to die."
The laughable incompetence/sloppiness of the prosecution is just an indication that the entire trial is a predetermined sham.

"Maybe Obama’s Sanctions on Venezuela are Not Really About His “Deep Concern” Over Suppression of Political Rights"  The American security state is furious with Venezuela for blocking all its coup attempts.

"Tentative Deal Reached to Settle Ukraine War"

"Clinton's former legal adviser deflects questions about private email account"  What if he gave advice that she couldn't do it?

"Hillary Clinton Finally Answers Questions About Her Email... And It Only Raises More Questions"  She was intending to run for President when she was Secretary of State, and she hid/destroyed the emails so that her shenanigans wouldn't come back to haunt her.

For fans of  'old school' conspiracies:  "Tradecrafting Anita Pallenberg"

It looks much more like treason if you do it for cash.  "Senator who spearheaded letter to Iran got $1 million from Kristol’s ‘Emergency C’tee for Israel’"  "Neocon meteor Sen. Cotton is funded by Abrams, Adelson and Kristol and loves war a little too much"  "The 47ers"  "Republicans Overreach: Part Deux"  "Shutting Down AIPAC"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


"Washington’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS in Libya"  "Libya names onetime rogue general as army chief of staff"  Haftar is one of those guys the CIA has been storing in a mansion in the US (along with a whole lot of other rogues and dictators from around the world), waiting for a rainy day.  So it's CIA vs CIA in Libya.

"Nemtsov murder – more questions than answers"

Scum of the earth:  "How The Merchants Of Doubt Push Climate Denial On Your Television"  Big oil doesn't even bother to hide the connections.

Payment for services rendered:  "Leon Wieseltier Takes New Humanities Post at Brookings"

"Tories’ cynical monument to victims of communism"

"The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC"  Someone needs to connect this to the BBC's obvious bias about the Zionist Empire.

Monday, March 09, 2015


"Suicide Or Homicide? In Ukraine, Old-Guard Officials Dying Mysteriously" 

"Tajik opposition figure killed in Istanbul"

"Anwälte: „Alijew im Sitzen erhängt“"

"Facing Options under Mounting Pressure: US at Crossroads on Ukraine"  "Republicans Warn Iran -- and Obama -- That Deal Won't Last"  Note the Treason For The Jews - hardly a shock after the spectacle of Bibi's speech - in the US Congress.

 "White supremacists at the heart of Whitehall"

"Netanyahu Comments Cast Doubt on Stance Toward Palestinians" Rudoren!  Cast doubt!!  It's why we call it the Jew York Times!!!

"The German Silence on Israel, and Its Cost"  I'm sorry, but guilt as an excuse is way too charitable to the Germans, who seem to be living vicariously through Jewish violent supremacism.

"Jane Goodall and Steven Druker Expose US Government Fraud Over GMOs"  We've reached the point where we can discern which countries have a first-world future by whether they have banned, or are in the process of banning, GMOs.

"One Simple Way to Save American Democracy: Get Serious About Taxing the Mega-Rich"  Again, we're only going to see this kind of thing in countries with a future, which obviously doesn't include the United States.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Universal ISIS

"Canadian activists call for global boycott of Air Canada over its outsourcing to Israel Aerospace Industries"  There is always a good explanation when you see shareholder value destroyed:  "Calin Rovinescu":
"Călin Rovinescu (born 1955 in Bucharest) is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Canada, Canada’s largest domestic and international airline. He has been leading the company since April 1, 2009.
Born in Romania into a Jewish family . . . "
Group supremacists shouldn't be allowed to run public companies.

The JSIL-ISIL Confederacy:  "Iranian Media Reports on IDF-Islamist Collaboration in Golan"  "Israel Supports Al Qaeda Militants in Syria: Photographic Evidence"

"ISIS in Ukraine"

Watch the Western media quickly attempt to change the subject:  "Boris Nemtsov murder: two held 'may be hired hitmen'":
"The two suspects’ names would suggest possible roots in the North Caucasus region of southern Russia, where there is an active Islamist insurgency in republics such as Chechnya and Dagestan. One theory put forward by investigators last week was that Mr Nemtsov was killed by Islamist fundamentalists in revenge for his criticism of the murder of journalists at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. However, if the suspects were hired hitmen, then their place of origin could be irrelevant."
The original 'humanitarian intervention' is a dud: "Kosovars Who Fought for Land Are Now Eager to Leave"

"Nisman: Ghost in the machine"

The Onion:
  1. "Netanyahu Assures Critics He Still Has Utmost Respect For U.S. Money"
  2. "A Timeline Of U.S.-Israel Relations":  ("June 19, 2012: A hot mic at the G20 summit catches President Obama reciting, from memory, the full text of the Elders Of Zion")

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Good conspiracy theories and bad conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories are vile except when they are not.

"Aide Reveals Stunning Details Of The Moment Guv Candidate Killed Himself" This story continues to make absolutely no sense. I wonder if they had something else on him that was going to come out.

"Conspiracy! Is Obama Punishing Democrats Who Won’t Roll Over for Iran?" I wish, but the timing is all wrong.

"U.S. denounces award-winning cleric who called 9/11 ‘inside job’"

Punished for getting a little too close to the truth:  "UK counter-terrorism group loses funding after 'Jihadi John' revelations"

"Sen. Bob Menendez: 'I am not going anywhere'" The most obviously blackmailed senator.  Tweet (Imraan Siddiqi):
"Bob Menendez on: Protective Edge: Pillar of Defense: Cast Lead: "
These days they'll jail you for just about anything, so the story they cobbled together still doesn't hold up to any scrutiny: "Conservation authority does ‘not want to be punitive’ about tunnel"  "Toronto tunnel builder wasn't done: 'I wanted to have concrete'"

Friday, March 06, 2015


"What Was Missing From Coverage of Netanyahu's Speech"

"Netanyahu Speaks, Money Talks"  "The time Sheldon Adelson’s wife dropped her purse on a congressman"  'Reptilian', of course.

"Canadian Military Intelligence and NATO Knew the Intervention in Libya Would Create Chaos and Aid Al-Qaeda-aligned Islamists":
"Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper later denied that NATO’s intervention created the chaos that has paralyzed Libya, despite his own military’s warning that there was a good chance it would.
This reveals a dishonest attempt to manipulate public opinion through outright deception, in line with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s efforts to mobilize support for military intervention in Iran by warning in 2012 that Iran was only a year away from making a nuclear bomb when his own intelligence agency had concluded that Iran was “not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons”."

"WSJ columnist says ‘I’m almost grateful’ for attack on kosher supermarket that killed four"  Almost?

"Clinton Personal Email Cesspool Deepens"

"Nine questions about the Boston Marathon bombing that the trial could answer"

"College and football"  Multi-billion dollar industry is going to disappear. Think of all the wasted public money spent on stadiums!

Thursday, March 05, 2015


"Debt Forgiveness Is Real" Some kind of jubilee in the western world will be necessary or else the entire economy is going to collapse.  There is no other way to escape the crippling spiral of debt.

What's up with Croatia?:  "An Ethical Bank for Croatia"  Sounds like Islamic non-usurious banking.

Canto XLV

"Big Bang Theory Of Polarization: How Gridlock Has Remade Our Political Process"  "Check This Out"  My theory, which has the advantage of being correct, is that the new gridlock is phony, created to provide an explanation to the American people for why the richest country in the world, the richest country that has ever been, is falling apart, education, health care, infrastructure, basic welfare of its citizens, all collapsing.  How can that be?  World Jewry is forcing American politicians to pay so much to fight Wars For The Jews - and the cost of each of many, many such wars is unimaginable - that it makes running a first-world country impossible, and the phony 'gridlock' was created as the theater to explain this.  Consider the congressional standing ovations to Bibi's bizarre speech . . .

"US Ambassador To Cyprus Withdrawn After Diplomatic Blunder Involving Nemtsov Murder"  "Putin Sounds the Alarm Over Budding 'Color Revolutions' in Russia"

"Ukraine unofficially has 272 percent inflation"  And this is before the shit really hits the fan.

"Edward Snowden warns of perils in Canada’s proposed anti-terror law"

"Court reveals FBI still investigating WikiLeaks' Julian Assange"

"Is ‘Eric Hoteham’ really former Hillary Clinton aide Eric Hothem?"  This outrageous cover-up behavior by Clinton should get Benghazi rolling again.

"Bitter end for Kazakhstan's sugar czar"

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

An eyeful

Netanyahu's speech is not worth mentioning except that Americans got an eyeful of their elected representatives acting like slaves to the Jews watching carefully from the galleries.  It is quite the embarrassing spectacle.

Tweet (Hend):
"As Bibi explains the positive regional impact of recognizing & acting on the Iran threat, please keep this in mind:"

"Among the Shnooks and Machers at AIPAC"

I thought Emerson was a no-go zone, but he's back:  "Oooohhh Boy"

Barry is so mad he actually did the inconceivable, mentioning the truth:
Keep in mind that when we [inaudible] to that interim deal, Prime Minister Netanyahu made almost the precise same speech about how dangerous that deal was going to be, and yet over a year later, even Israeli intelligence officers — and, in some cases, members of the Israeli government — have to acknowledge that, in fact, it has kept Iran from further pursuing its nuclear program."
"Were the props and slogans for Nemtsov's memorial march prepared before or after his death?"

"Nemtsov spent his last day under close surveillance by the killers"

"5 Points On The Nasty Politics Surrounding A Missouri GOPer's Suicide"  The unmentioned, and unmentionable, part of this story which puts the lie to the whole mess is that there is no possible downside in American politics to being identified as a Jew.  There is certainly no conceivable reason to overreact to what might have been a passing remark by killing yourself.  There is something else going on here.

"Europe’s Debt: Lies & Myths"

"Real-Life Frank Underwoods: Netflix, ‘House Of Cards’ And Third Way"  Resurrection of the 'Catfood Commission' politics through television.  This will be a conspiracy if the Republicans and Barry start to talk it up.

"Venezuela’s Continuous Coup"  Venezuela is the world's best example of a country under attack because its success sets a bad example.  Also note how official economic indicators all measure success of the 1% in exploiting the 99%.