Tuesday, March 17, 2015

All sides just rolled their eyes

Hiring a non-protester to wing a couple of cops from the area of the protesting is just the kind of false-flag we've come to know and expect:  "Ferguson authorities say man confessed to shooting 2 officers"

"California’s One-Year Water Supply vs. Fracking"  Yeah, in an historic and critical drought, let's permanently poison the tiny amount of groundwater we have left.  "California Is Turning Back Into A Desert And There Are No Contingency Plans"  There was a time when the famous ingenuity and drive of Americans would be all over this problem - not to mention the much greater problem of the cause of the droughts - but that time is long past.

"Promising NFL Rookie Retires Because Of Concerns Over Head Trauma"  Watch for a big push to promote professional soccer.  Both the gambling-industrial complex, and the stadium-industrial complex, are soon going to need fresh meat.

"Petraeus Advising White House on ISIS"  On account of his record at having excellent judgment.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"Day by day we see inserting more of her pro-settlement political agenda into NY Times reporting."
See also.

"Tony Blair 'had no credibility' in Middle East process, says US official":
"Frankly all sides just rolled their eyes at the mention of his name."
"FM Lieberman to Sputnik: Israel's Decisions on Iran Nuclear Issue Trump US"

"National pharmacare program could save $7.3 billion: study":
"The study did not take into account additional savings to the health system that would be achieved when those who cannot afford to fill prescriptions start taking medications. Nor did it take into account savings that would be derived through the more appropriate prescribing that a national system would be expected to promote."
I wonder if enough of The Stupid from being adjacent to the Americans will make this no-brainer impossible.
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