Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Battle of the oligarchs

"35th anniversary of Romero's assassination"  "Salvadorans protest plan to name street for death-squad chief"

"Jewish Defence League leader gets community service for assault at pro-Palestine event"

Tweet (Elias Isquith):
"What complete, utter, absolute and total nonsense from the latest David Brooks masterpiece"
A distinguishing feature of violent racist group supremacists is that they regard any push back against their supremacy as not just bigotry, but a unique form and level of bigotry.

"IMF: Ukraine Must Now Steal $1.5B+ from Russia to Buy Arms" "Sorry Ukraine, You Still Need Russian Gas"

The First Ukrainian Civil War was the attempted slaughter by the junta of eastern Ukrainians.  Now the Second Ukrainian Civil War has begun:
  1. "Oligarchs and their "Pocket Armies" Take Over Oil Company in Kiev; Ukraine Begs for More Money; Three-Way Civil War?"
  2. "Too many rats, not enough cheese - TTG"
  3. "Kolomoisky finishing Ukraine up" 
  4. "Is Uncle Sam “tossing” Kolomoiskii?"
  5. "Poroshenko Orders Arrest Of Kolomoisky-Linked Militia Troops For Seizing State-Owned Oil Firm"
As the junta does not even have a monopoly of power within the borders it claims to have, it is arguably not even a 'state', proving you can manage to be a failed state without even rising to the level of state.  Kolomoisky is a Jewish oligarch who happens to be paying Joe Biden's son, so you have to wonder if Willie Wonka is soon going to end up head-first in a barrel of melted chocolate.  Yats seems safe.

"'The Fourth Reich': What Some Europeans See When They Look at Germany" 

"America's Left-Wing Jews Ashamed of Israel's Jews" (Prager)  This is just another level of Zionist-protecting bullshit.

"Regime Change: America's Failing Weapon Of International Deception"  "Are NGOs Agents of Subversion?"  It is awesome that Bibi is accusing the Americans of attempting regime change on him!!!

"Report: Israel Spied on US Talks with Iran"  Gawker is a cesspool of Zionism, but the comments are very anti-Israeli.

"Israel denies spying on US-Iran nuclear talks"  There are many possible headlines, so the BBC picks one that protects Israel!

"Tom Friedmann finds ISIS awful and useful (by CP)"  The JSIL-ISIL alliance contains more than a hint of desperation.

"Israeli settlers are using archaeological digs as cover to take Palestinian land, British government says"  Duh!

"Unanswered questions for ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden"  We've seen an unbelievable - literally - level of highest-level police-state fascism in all western governments since September 11, and the authorities needed a way to retroactively create paper approval for all their wrongdoings, even a tiny portion of which would have, in a better time, led to immediate hangings for all involved.  Thus, Snowden, and the Greenwald trickle, followed by 'reform' legislation which rubber stamps approval for the abuses, both past and future.
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