Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easy A

Hey, we might want to reconsider those lockable airplane cabin doors, which of course is another artifact of Islamophobia (thanks again, Jews!).

"Follow the money: Zionist backlash and Islamophobia"  Note how a lot of the funding is from the gentile ultra-right.

"Test prep question asks students: ‘Which race is superior’ in Israel?’" (Easy A):
"From your acquaintance with the peoples that live in Israel, which is the superior race and which is the inferior race?"

"The War on Yemen: how to read it"  A war that is good for oil producers.

"Netanyahu’s Spying Denials Contradicted by Secret NSA Documents"

Tweet (Al Gharib):
"Here's John Bolton calling for war with (again): A few words on the least surprising op-ed of 2015 to follow."

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