Thursday, March 05, 2015


"Debt Forgiveness Is Real" Some kind of jubilee in the western world will be necessary or else the entire economy is going to collapse.  There is no other way to escape the crippling spiral of debt.

What's up with Croatia?:  "An Ethical Bank for Croatia"  Sounds like Islamic non-usurious banking.

Canto XLV

"Big Bang Theory Of Polarization: How Gridlock Has Remade Our Political Process"  "Check This Out"  My theory, which has the advantage of being correct, is that the new gridlock is phony, created to provide an explanation to the American people for why the richest country in the world, the richest country that has ever been, is falling apart, education, health care, infrastructure, basic welfare of its citizens, all collapsing.  How can that be?  World Jewry is forcing American politicians to pay so much to fight Wars For The Jews - and the cost of each of many, many such wars is unimaginable - that it makes running a first-world country impossible, and the phony 'gridlock' was created as the theater to explain this.  Consider the congressional standing ovations to Bibi's bizarre speech . . .

"US Ambassador To Cyprus Withdrawn After Diplomatic Blunder Involving Nemtsov Murder"  "Putin Sounds the Alarm Over Budding 'Color Revolutions' in Russia"

"Ukraine unofficially has 272 percent inflation"  And this is before the shit really hits the fan.

"Edward Snowden warns of perils in Canada’s proposed anti-terror law"

"Court reveals FBI still investigating WikiLeaks' Julian Assange"

"Is ‘Eric Hoteham’ really former Hillary Clinton aide Eric Hothem?"  This outrageous cover-up behavior by Clinton should get Benghazi rolling again.

"Bitter end for Kazakhstan's sugar czar"
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