Sunday, March 01, 2015


"The War Nerd: Why did Mohammed Emwazi become Jihadi John?"  Yeah, yeah, young men like adventure and wars, and modern western societies are boring.  But by far - by far!!! - the most obvious explanation for why Mohammed Emwazi become Jihadi John is that some western intelligence agency is paying him. 

"Kazakh Dictator's ex-son-in-law Found Dead in Austrian Jail Cell"

"Former CIA chief controls most of the media in Serbia – report"

"El Mozote and Bill O'Reilly|"  The utter incompetence and mendacity of the mainstream American media didn't just start recently.

Putin has wonderful popular support, and the existence of marginal and hated opposition groups actually helps his popularity, so there is no conceivable reason why Putin would want to see Boris Nemtsov dead.  False flag is the only possible explanation:  "Gorbachev: Killing Could Have Been A Provocation, Aimed At “Destabilizing The Situation In The Country, At Heightening Confrontation” With The West"

"Jewish Leaders Lash Out At Shmuley Boteach"  Bibi's visit is provoking an odd breach between the Jewish billionaires who rabidly support the settler movement, and the Jewish billionaires who ever-so-ever-so-slightly-less rabidly support the settler movement.

To be remembered whenever you read anything by Greenwald and other lackeys of Pierre:  "Paypal Cuts Off Mega Because It Actually Keeps Your Files Secret"
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