Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Round up

"Kremlin heads for collision course with Ukraine over debt haircut"  You can skip the article but read the comments!

Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
""Netanyahu apologises for warning about Arabs voting in election" headline here deliberately misleading 1/ "
"How the New York Times spins stories that can be potentially damaging to Israel"  The obvious pattern of mainstream media headline trickery.

"Benjamin Netanyahu’s unholy alliance with Europe’s anti-Semitic far right"

"J Street versus Netanyahu"  Correct, but it applies to all lite Zionism.

Despite some very mild trolling by Barry - which is causing the usual whining - everybody noted that the first thing the Americans did after Bibi's victory and his series of outrageous actions and remarks insulting the United States was to back up Israeli intransigence:  "Israel 'boycotts' UN rights council session on Gaza war"

Having said that, there are encouraging - and amazing - signs of a break:  "AP Analysis: Is Israel democratic? Not so clear" (the traditionally ultra-Zionist AP does the math!):
"But among Israelis themselves, there is increasing angst over the fact that their country of 8 million people also controls some 2.5 million West Bank Palestinians who have no voting rights for its parliament.
If the 2 million Palestinians of Gaza — a territory dominated indirectly by Israel — were added to the equation, then together with the 2 million Arab citizens of "Israel proper" the Holy Land would be home to a population of some 12 million, equally divided between Arabs and Jews.
Of the Arabs, only a third have voting rights. These are the "Israeli Arabs" who live in the areas that became Israel in the 1948-49 war, which established the country's borders.
Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza in 1967 but Israel never annexed them, both for fear of world reaction and due to concerns about millions more Palestinians gaining the vote.
Israelis argue that since the areas are not formally part of Israel, the goings-on therein do not undermine the democracy claim. And some might note that few democracies are perfect; after all, some 4 million U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico cannot vote for the U.S. president because of that island's unusual arrangement. In the end, perhaps, these things are a matter of degree.
But critics increasingly consider it a little too convenient: Israel builds towns by the score in these non-annexed lands — communities which have bestowed an oddly controversial aspect upon the once-innocent term "settlements."
Through an amendment to the electoral law, Israel allows the settlers who live in these places to vote in its elections even though it otherwise has no provision for absentee balloting. Several top Cabinet figures, including Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, are in this extraordinary fashion not technically residents of Israel."
"Kolomoisky, Dismissed As Governor Of Dniepropetrovsk, Issues New Threat For This Press Question — Has He Lost His Swiss Residence Permit?" Never fear, he still has the traditional out for scoundrals of his ilk:
"Kolomoisky is the target of a Russian prosecutor’s warrant for conspiracy to murder; commission of war crimes; and kidnapping. Interpol is unlikely to have accepted the Russian request for his arrest and extradition, but if Kolomoisky were to leave Ukraine, the only country certain to allow him entry would be Israel, where he and his family have lived in the past."
Round up the cancer: "What happened when Patrick Moore was challenged to drink a glass of glyphosate?"

Tweet (John Hodgman):
"Is there an app that will just give the NSA *all* my data? I'm tired of piecemealing it over a bunch of different programs and services."
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