Friday, March 27, 2015

Sgt. Gibbs cut off your finger

Tweet (Hend):
"What is a ? What characteristics were absent that would remove him so quickly from the list?"
We're reached the point where any intentional violent action against a group of civilians advances the cause of the Islamophobes. Thus, speculation: "If the Pilot is Jewish, Then its a Medical Problem, if He's Muslim, Then its Terrorism".  Remember, always, always, always, consider false flag first.

"Harvey Weinstein Urges Jews to Take on Anti-Semites: "Kick These Guys in the Ass""  "A Jewish leader warned the US about rising anti-Semitism in Europe and compared it to the 1930s"  Even by the extraordinarily low standards of Jewish billionaires, Lauder is a piece of shit.

The ROYAL pedophile is guessed - without evidence, I might add, but it fits - to be Prince Andy (#264).  This would put him well under a Jewish blackmail operation run by Leon Brittan.

The Toronto Star used to be a good newspaper, but they are now in the hilarious headline squad:  "Ukrainian leader strikes blow against oligarchy"

Headline fraud:  "Always Remember, the NY Times Pushed, Hard, for War in Iraq"

"Ilargi: Kiev, Moscow, Bonds and Haircuts"  No haircut if you can turn off the gas to Ukraine and Europe.  Spring is the time of nonsense, and fall brings its harsh realities.

"Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Investment Chapter"  The end of sovereignty.  So extreme it is probably a chip meant to be taken off the table to force through the rest of the corporate overlord legislation.

"The Cruz Troika"  As bad as you might expect.

"No Snowden Asylum, He's a CIA Fraud" Obviously written in the purest tinfoilhat style, and thus bogus (no possible official government document would look anything like that), but interesting.

"All the sexual abuse of South American children by U.S. military personnel that's fit to print"

"Maywand District murders"  "Gul Mudin" by Xiu Xiu.  Lyrics:  "Sgt. Gibbs cut off your finger, Andy Holmes put it in a sock".  I can't get enough of Xiu Xiu, and I think Botanica de Los Angeles was the song (and music video) of the year for 2014.

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