Monday, March 16, 2015

Still crazy after all these years

"War with Iran is probably our best option" by Joshua Muravchik

"Joshua Muravchik"

"This Is The Craziest Op-Ed You'll Read This Year"

"The Washington Post Will Kill Us All"

"Neocons Probably Going Wobbly On Bombing Iran"

"Three Maps for Professor Muravchik"

We need to take time to understand how World Jewry operates.  Muravchik doesn't expect that Barry will hop to it and start WWIII (a war, by the way, the United States will lose, with real and severe consequences for the standard of living of every American).  No, he is setting up the groundwork for an attack by the next President, with the possible candidates for the position, Walker, Hillary, and Jebbie, all firmly owned and controlled by the Jewish Billionaires.  The neocons have always worked this way.  Their essential problem is that each of the Wars For The Jews is entirely insane, and obviously so.  World Jewry spends years setting up a background of opinion by people with credentials.  This background is then used to create, using the Jew-controlled media, the idea that the insanity is actually the only possible conclusion, and since both Congress and the President will be 100% property of the Jews, another utterly disastrous War For The Jews becomes inevitable.

That's the plan, but all is not hopeless.  This particular War For The Jews is even more disastrous than all the preceding ones combined, and will have a profound negative effect on the wealth of the 1%.  World Jewry has a steep hill to climb.  We need to understand what they are always up to in order to ensure they don't get away with it.  Again.
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