Friday, March 20, 2015

Two-statement solution

Tweet (Benjamin Netanyahu) (parody, but accurate):
"On MSNBC I reiterate my commitment to the two-statement solution as the way forward to guarantee permanent occupation "
"Netanyahu Backtracks From Remarks Opposing Palestinian State (VIDEO)"

"Netanyahu Does Sharp U-Turn, Now Supports Two-State Solution"

Despite the fact that over decades there is not the slightest hint that Bibi supports a two-state solution, this incident is depicted as a flip-flop to lie to Americans that his real position is two-state, and he was just lying to his supporters.

Zionism is about time and timing.  What World Jewry intends to do - kill a lot more people and steal a lot more land - is simply too horrible to be done in any way except incrementally, and as hidden as possible.  The debate between Jews is over how quickly they can get away with the murdering and stealing.  The entire point of lite Zionism is to create the illusion that there is a sizable population of Jews who support a humanitarian solution, the two-state solution, and that Jews are the only people moral enough to implement it.  Gentiles need to back off until the good Jews fix the problem.  This is how World Jewry buys time to do its dirty work, and lite Zionism is an integral part of the process.  Despite lite Zionists constantly telling us how many more Jews are on the side of peace and justice, each passing day brings with it more murders and more land stolen.

On a totally unrelated (!) note:  "Obamas may be buying 'Magnum, P.I.' home in Hawaii" (my emphasis in red):
"The luxurious beachfront Hawaiian home made famous by the ’80s television series — the backdrop for Tom Selleck’s adventures as a skirt-chasing, freeloading private investigator — was sold this week in a mysterious transaction that involves a prominent Obama friend and one of his major donors.
And while the White House isn’t confirming anything, there’s a lot of talk among residents of Waimanalo, the beachfront area of Honolulu where the property is located, that they‘re expecting to see Obama and his family hanging out there once he’s done with the White House.
According to a report from Fox affiliate KHON, a group called Waimanalo Paradise LLC purchased the property, located along the southeast coast of Oahu, on Monday for $8.7 million. Waimanalo Paradise’s contact is reportedly Seth Madorsky, a lawyer in Chicago and Obama donor. The property was then sold to another limited liability corporation based in Colorado, according to a report from ABC affiliate KITV. The deed and the mortgage are both signed by Judy Grimanis, KHON reported. Grimanis is an executive assistant at The Vistria Group, a private-equity firm in Chicago run by Marty Nesbitt, a frequent Obama golf and travel partner in Hawaii. Nesbitt is one of Obama’s top 10 golf partners, having played with him 18 times during his presidency, according to records compiled by POLITICO.
A receptionist at the firm said Grimanis is Nesbitt’s assistant. Her name is also the same as that of a person who worked for Obama fundraiser and current Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker’s companies.
None of the documents mention Obama, and the search for clues to confirm the home’s real purpose has turned into a sleuthing exercise worthy of … well, a private investigator.
The White House declined to comment and referred all questions about the sale to Nesbitt. A senior administration official told POLITICO only that “the president is not a party to this transaction.”
A receptionist at the Vistria Group said Nesbitt was out of the office Thursday, and referred questions to Grimanis, who passed them along to Madorsky, the donor.
In a statement late Thursday, Madorsky suggested that Nesbitt was the buyer of the home — but didn’t address what might happen to it in the future.
“Marty Nesbitt has authorized me to advise you that I represented him in connection with the purchase. Marty did not have any partners or co-investors in the transaction,” Madorsky said."

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