Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Corrected the trajectory

European countries are lining up with symbolic accuracy on whether they are for or against National Socialism:  "Serbia Breaks Ranks With EU on Moscow Parade".  Thousand-Year Reich, not yet over.  The lesson to be drawn is that the enormous amount of anti-Nazi propaganda is just another pile of lies.  Another, newer, set of lies takes precedence.

"Greece Brings Up Nazi Reparations Once Again"  Greece wasn't a party to the Two Plus Four Treaty.  There seems to be some sort of understanding that the treaty was the time for the postponed issue of reparations to have have been raised, and it wasn't raised, ironically, as Greece needed German help to get into the Euro system.

"The Biggest Secret In History: False Flag Terror"  Always assume false-flag first.

"Climate-change deniers are in retreat"  History has to be rewritten as some big corporate funders change their minds.

"Avaaz: manufacturing consent for wars since 2011"  We now know that the entire 'human rights'-industrial complex is solely in the business of warmongering, and mostly with respect to Wars For The Jews.

"The Kings of the Desert"  Long article on massive - and unpunished - fraud at a Bahrain bank.

"Killings in the Name of Ukrainian Land of Donbas" Schism.

"UK Jewish leaders applaud cancellation of anti-Israel conference"  Note the fear that the 'safety' trick could be turned against them:
"Senior leaders had clearly advised – and evidently secured the agreement of – Jewish communal organizations not to cite security as having been behind the cancellation. The country’s organized Jewish community previously objected to using this as a reason so as not to put at risk pro-Israel conferences, which often are magnets for unruly protests."

 "The Crimes the New York Times Believes Should Go Unpunished"  The Jew York Times is actually completely consistent in removing Wars For The Jews from international law.

"Israel intentionally shelled UN troops in Lebanon: Report"  "Israeli fire killed UN peacekeeper in January, official says" No possible mistake as the IDF "corrected the trajectory towards the position."  The reason the peacekeepers are there on the ground is the assumption that Jews are civilized human beings that would not engage in cold-blooded murder.  I have absolutely no idea where that assumption came from.

"Jeb Bush as Inevitable Choice? Republicans Say Not So Fast"  You are not 'inevitable' until you kowtow completely to Big Jew.
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