Monday, April 20, 2015

Dangerous experiments

"In Defense of Harold Koh" by John Yoo!!!  An endorsement Koh could do without.  Who better to teach human rights than a mass murderer and abuser of human rights?  Koh and Yoo are remarkably similar legalistic enablers of war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

"How NBC Knowingly Let Syria Rebels' False War Propaganda Stand For Years"  False-flag 'journalism'.

It is nothing short of hilarious - and also tragic - that people still won't acknowledge that both the Iranian and American governments have had to carefully plan to undermine the treasonous activity of warmongering Jews and the congressmen they have bought and/or blackmailed:  "Kristol frets that he walked into Obama’s ‘trap,’ and Rubio says he’ll demand Iran recognize ‘Israel’s right to exist’"  By the way, Rubio is a serious candidate for President solely because Sheldon really likes how 'flexible' he is on matching what he says to how much he is paid.

"The Miami Herald, the CIA, and the Bay of Pigs scoop that didn’t run":
"Kraslow is not certain that publication of his story would have forestalled the invasion. “Maybe, maybe not,” he says. “The CIA was very gung-ho to get this thing done.”
Kornbluh, however, thinks it might have. “Both Eisenhower and Kennedy were extremely sensitive to the idea that there be no sign of a U.S. hand in this operation,” he says. “A lot of publicity might have caused Kennedy to back away.”
One person who thought so: Kennedy himself. A few days before the Bay of Pigs, The New York Times, too, had all the details about what was to happen. At the last minute, the paper’s editors softened the story considerably, cut out key facts, and gave it meager display. Two weeks later, Kennedy told a senior Times editor: “If you had printed more about the operation, you would have saved us from a colossal mistake.”

"IDF Censor Seeks Possible Phantom Leaker"  Israel owes Iran a shitload of money.

"‘God Told Me to Do It’: The Dangers of America’s Lunatic Right"  Dispensationalism in American politics. I caution that this is more of a 'tinder' issue.

"ISIS' Strategy Leak Reveals Syrian Takeover Plot, US "Created A Group Of Very Intelligent Enemies""  Never forget that the key to Jewish strategy - and thus the key to understanding all geopolitics in which Jews have an interest - is scheming to pit gentile group against gentile group in wars where neither side wins.

"Argentina: 30,000 doctors and health professionals demand ban on glyphosate"  These days I am struck how all the good thinking comes from outside the Anglo-American orbit.

"FBI admits flaws in hair analysis over decades"  Flaws?  They lied.

"Iceland looks at ending boom and bust with radical money plan"  This is dangerous in the same way that Portugal's experiment with the war on drugs, and just about everything the governments of Venezuela and Bolivia are doing, are dangerous.  We're told there is only one way to do things, and any deviation from the turbo-capitalist system would be a disaster. 
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