Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Emotional commitment

"Argentina: A Case Study of Israel’s Zionist-Wall Street Destabilization Campaign"  Petras calls it an 'anti-Sematic bombing' (sic), a strange way to refer to a Mossad false-flag operation.

"Israel criticized for touting Nepal rescue while Gaza is still in ruins"  Due to the blockade, not one Gaza house yet rebuilt. It's amazing, even in the Jewcentric would in which we are forced to live.

"The Neoconservative Counterrevolution"  Good as far as it goes, as least in so far as it links big destructive policy recommendations to Jewish racist group supremacism.

"Expectations, Frustrations, and State and Societal Failures"  The police war on black people is just a particularly obvious case of the war on the 99%.  It is helpful to the 1% to depict it as a race thing.

"Mining executive deaths in Mongolia (from IKN311)"

"Inside Obama's drone panopticon: a secret machine with no accountability"  The best part is that Barry thinks droning is part of his deep commitment to humanitarian ideals.

You know you are in big trouble as a country when treason is a requirement for running for high public office:  "Republican Contenders Reach Out to Sheldon Adelson, Palms Up":
"Unwavering support for Israel’s government is the price of support from Mr. Adelson and the many other Republican donors here. But in an era when backing Israel has become Republican orthodoxy on par with reverence for tax cuts and Ronald Reagan, most candidates in the crowded field are already through the door. (“Our most cherished ally,” Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana said several times of Israel during his speech Saturday morning.)
Ari Fleischer, President George W. Bush’s press secretary and the Republican Jewish Coalition board member who interviewed him on stage Saturday night, said donors sought evidence of an “emotional commitment” on the issue."
On the mysterious non-signing of the Gazprom deal, another tactical mistake by the Greeks:  "Grexit Looks Inevitable. But Greece Will Need Moscow's Help"

On the newest country in the UN, ISIL-JSIL:  "The curious case of Israel, al-Nusra and 'Facebook Spy'" "IDF Lies About Its Increasing Syria Intervention"

"The New Hillary"  Good, but it gets off track in the middle when it attempts to understate Hillary's importance in American politics.  Bill's inability to keep it in his pants, and his extreme guilt about it, gave Hillary full control over the big direction of the Democratic Party, including the decision to turn the party dramatically to the right.  She's the one you should blame for the big corporation friendliness of the Democratic National Committee.  She started off as a Nixon and then Goldwater supporter in the 60s, and hasn't changed her politics since.  The politics is that of the Republicans with the addition of some social issues which big corporations don't care about.

"Zeif-geist"  Note the non-descriptive title.  'Tanking'.  "Fact Check: Was Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate investigation?"

"Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau attacked for criticizing Charlie Hebdo"  "6 Novelists Withdraw From Event Honoring 'Charlie Hebdo' For Free Speech"  PEN is yet another international embarrassment.
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